Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako.”

The commute nowadays – tiring. The workload – tiring. Work-life integration – tiring. Taking your own age against you – very tiring. Maybe these young millennials aren’t entitled, maybe we’re not really trying to listen to them. This really is a different generation. Different, but not bad. Maybe if we start empowering them, they’ll stop being “such millennials” – whatever that means.


1. Bata ka pa para maintindihan ‘to

We bet if you tried to explain it, they just might understand. They are young, but not naive. When are we all going to realize and accept the fact that maturity doesn’t come with age? Simply telling them “Bata ka pa.” might hinder them from really spreading their wings and actually contributing to the company’s goals.


2. I’ve done this many times before

No one is trying to take that away from you, but maybe we can try a different way this time? When you tell someone, especially a young millennial, this: “This is how we’ve been doing things ever since.” It makes you look as though you do not want to change or grow. Most young millennials are allergic to anything or anyone that does not want to embrace new possibilities.


3. Wala ka pa namang pamilya, wala ka pang responsibilidad

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Stop underestimating them. Most millennials now see that they have the responsibility to pay their dues at home. Most of them give back to their parents or guardians. Not having our own family should not be taken against them. Most young millennials prioritize career growth over building a family, and that’s okay. To each his own.


4. Kailan ka ba magboboyfriend/mag-aasawa?

This is not exclusive to young millennials, it’s a frustration shared by so many. So maybe we can all agree that this is a red flag question and is inappropriate to ask someone you are not really very close with? As we repeatedly heard in the last Presidential Elections,“Oras ko ‘to.”

5. Parang ayaw mo mag-asawa sa kakatrabaho mo

Young millennials have different priorities now compared to those from back in the day. Let’s not try to make them live their lives how we want. What is so wrong with finding fulfillment in one’s career and not somebody else’s love? Walang basagan ng trip!


6. Puro ka cellphone!

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Kayo po, bakit puro kayo Facebook?? They were part of the generation that witnessed the transition to more technological advances. Everything can be done on a smartphone – tasks can be done so efficiently. This really is just a part their nature.


7. Mas matanda siya sa’yo, respetuhin mo

Respect will be given not because he is older, but because he deserves the respect. If the ones who are older can use the youngsters’ ages against them, then why should the older generation’s age be used in their favor? Just to be clear – this is not being “bastos sa matanda”, it just gets annoying when respect has to be measured by age.


8. Napaka-millennial mo!

Let the response be “Bakit parang galit ka? Bakit parang kasalanan ko?”
Plus, what does that even mean? You may want to provide a bit more enlightenment. Being young is not a bad thing, or is it?


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