If you’ve ever met, say, a teacher’s pet, or someone who seems to have the inside track with your boss, they seem to be completely invincible from any kind of reprimand or repercussions for as long as their patron has their back. But even that can only go so far if you end up doing one of these 8 things…


You think you’re alone

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If your boss is your patron, remember that he or she might also have other people close to him. This means that there is a hierarchy among your patron’s favorites, and if you ever end up clashing with them, you might turn out to not be as favored as you think you are.


You unwittingly undermine your patron

If your patron wants something to succeed, if you make a mockery out of that very thing, like, say, with a lewd dance number, you might actually be hurting his or her agenda. If you’re already wrecking the agenda, you might find yourself on the outs sooner than later.


You think your patron’s invincibility extends to you

While your patron could, say, mock religion all he or she wants, you yourself might not have the same leeway as your patron does. You might want to dial down the theatrics, because as much as it works for them, it might get old, real fast with you.


You take a joke too far

While it might seem like a funny idea at the time, maybe making jokes when everyone’s watching you very closely is not the most prudent thing to do. Remember: people will find any excuse, any excuse at all, to drop you like a hot potato because while your patron may like you, the people under him or her do not necessarily feel the same way- even if you’re all on the same side.


When called out, you lash out at the people around you

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If your own allies actually tell you to zip it, and you call them “bastos” instead of taking heed of their advice, you might find their patience with you wearing thin, and when all hell breaks loose, not even your protector can keep you safe. Just ask this guy.


You keep asking “what about…?”

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While Whataboutism has been a great distraction tactic for the longest time, when you start asking “what about” your own buddies, your own buddies might decide at one point that you’re more trouble than you’re worth, and throw you under the bus before you can successfully do it to them.


You ignore the signs that people are getting tired of your shit

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If you’re oblivious to the fact that your novelty is wearing thin, then yeah, you’re going to end up being thrown under the bus sooner than later. It stops being a question of “if” it will happen, but “when.”


You’re not doing your job

If you’re too busy wasting resources on your blog that isn’t a blog, if you have no idea what your job description is and think that spouting propaganda is more than enough, if you think that a six-figure salary is something you’re entitled to even if you are clearly not doing your job, then even your very own patron will see through you soon enough and realize that you’re not worth putting up with any longer.

Any minute now. Right?

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