8 Things That We’ll Miss

Now That Boracay’s

Taking a Break

By Janelle Almosara

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For the longest time, Boracay has always been considered as one of the top island destinations in the country. It’s bustling nightlife, pristine white beach, and stunning sunsets have been a trademark of the beautiful island, raking in thousands of tourists every year. But the tourism, once seen in a positive light, has also become the kindling to the slow decline of the island’s natural conditions. With multiple establishments violating laws and environmental policies, it’s truly inevitable for issues to arise about sanitation and the poor conditions of Boracay’s once lush tropics.

Just a few days ago, the 6-month rehabilitation for the island was formally announced, putting a halt to its thriving tourism. Locals are clamoring to find ways to make a living for the next months, while airlines have declared numerous flight cancellations. This is truly a strong blow for many, and while we know that there are far more issues than missing this year’s LaBoracay, we couldn’t help but get sentimental about this once beloved island.

We’ve listed 8 things that we’ll miss about the island, now that it’s closed off for tourists for the next six months:

That cheap and fresh seafood by the beach

D*talipapa, that one magical place where boodle fights on the daily, yet you still would not get enough. This might be hunger or just pure sentimental value, but whatever it is, I’ll definitely miss those moments of pure joy over steaming hot rice and freshly cooked crabs. Oh, we will miss you and your wonderful selection of seafood.


All the fun water activities!

A trip to Boracay will never be complete without enjoying some water sports! From learning how to swim like a mermaid to parasailing and helmet diving, there just seems to be infinite water activities that you can do while on the island. Of course, there’s beach bumming, but we know that it’s always the highlight of visiting the island.


Jonah’s Fruit Shakes

There’s no better way to get through the scorching heat from the sun than by grabbing one of these famous fruit shakes. Sold in 500ml. bottles (you can’t spill this while walking by the beach!), this famous refreshment definitely holds a special place for those who have come and gone in the island.


Ariel’s Point

Famous for its adrenaline pumping cliff jump points, Ariel’s Point is not only a place to jump and swim, but it has also become a spot where travelers get to meet each other. This spot has made its name, not only because you get to jump from high points, but also because it has helped foster nice connections between people. I mean, I suppose you’ll somehow still vaguely remember how you confessed your fear of heights over a total stranger (with matching tears), right? Aside from the water activities, Ariel’s Point has other activities too, like lunch buffets, open bars, and sunbathing spots. Oh, how we’ll miss you in the next 6 months.

Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee & Tea

Calamansi muffins have a distinct taste – a little sweet, a little tangy, but hit just the right spot. It’s soft and melts with every bite. We know that it’s arguable if it’s the best or not, but one thing’s for sure; it’s something that we’ll truly miss.


Boracay Night Life

Boracay is truly one of the best spots in the country to party! With its famous pub crawl and bustling crowd, it is no wonder that many tourists and even fellow Filipinos dedicate time and effort to fly to the island just to let loose, enjoy, and have fun. Nothing like strolling by the beach, a drink in hand, and sharing a few laughs with good friends and new friends alike.


The laidback and relaxing feeling of swimming in the island’s turquoise water (when there are no sea grass… that is)

Let’s admit it, while the place is fun and a great spot to dance and drink all night long, Boracay still is a place for relaxation. There’s no better feeling when you walk through the powdery sands and swim on its blue waters. There might’ve been (tons) of issues, but still, we can’t deny that there’s just a certain charm on the island’s beaches that you couldn’t forget.


The gorgeous Boracay sunrise

Boracay is one of those places where it’s just perfect to catch the golden hour. With the sea swimming in the golden rays of the sun, there are just no words to describe how gorgeous it is. Whatever they say, we believe that the island is still beautiful, and we can’t wait for Boracay to rehabilitate and be in its tip-top shape again. So long, Boracay – see you in 6 months!


What will you miss most about Boracay? Share them with us below!

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