8 Things You’ll Only Experience

if You Have Brothers

By Kyzia Maramara

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Ahhh, brothers. As a girl, I can testify that they’re both one of the best and at the same time one of the most annoying thing that’s ever happened to me. They might say the same of me, so I’m outright going to say I love my brothers! Having brothers toughens one’s character and prepares them for the real bullies of the world. Brothers train you to grow up into a strong woman, leaving your wimp and sissy behavior to childhood. And more often than not, your brothers are what you look for in finding a partner – strong, reliable, funny, and respectful.

You might squabble and tease each other a lot but you know you’re very lucky to have brothers! In honor of Brother’s Day, here are just some of the things you’ll experience if you have brothers, older or younger than you.

1. They will practice their wrestling moves on you

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Aside from your wrestling fanatic boyfriend, your brother is the only other person who would guiltlessly practice wrestling moves on you. Sometimes they’re not even legitimately moves, they just like to toss you around! Head locked and hair tousled? Check. Suplexed? Experienced it. Chokeslammed? Maybe not in full force but it certainly hurt. They obviously don’t put all their strength to it but they do it playfully and often (sometimes even up to adulthood).


2. You have a resident joker and all around body guard

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Brothers aren’t perfect. While they are obviously always there to perk up your day or make you laugh, they can also annoy you. One of the pet peeves of most siblings toward their brothers is their undying love for gaming, as if they were created with it in their DNA! No matter how many times you reiterate that it’ll most likely ruin their eyesight, they still do it anyway and you just have to get used to it.

Most brothers hate to show emotion but what they feel will translate into their actions. They’re protective of you and they show this in simple ways like probably giving your current or future boyfriend a hard time because they want to make sure he is capable of taking care of you. When you call your brother in the middle of the night and ask him to pick you up, he will be there regardless if he mopes or complains about it because he wants you to be safe.


3. They’re reliable and will stick with you through thick and thin

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The bond between you and your brother or you and your other siblings can never be broken. They might not show it but they’re prepared to fight with you whatever your problems and issues might be. Brothers are so reliable you can take them to go shopping with you, that is if they don’t grumble and complain out of boredom from having to accompany you in your 3-hour retail therapy. They’re more than willing to carry your shopping bags, if you treat them to a meal afterwards, that is.


4. You’ll be a witness to their ‘cool rebel kid’ phase

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Whether you have an older or younger brother, you’ve most likely witnessed their phase of being the cool boy. It’s where they swear they don’t like girls, relationships, or feelings and are perfectly content with their emo, grunge music. Their fashion sense involved a lot of black shirts, caps, and headphones they only take off when they’re about to take a bath. They might have been annoyed with you too, especially if you weren’t ‘cool’ enough.

5. You need to always reserve your food because they eat like warriors

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I don’t know about your brothers but mine eat like they’ve been starved for a few days, not messy just plenty. I’ve always wondered where they store their 8 cups of rice and a bowl of ulam. I mean who else do you know could inhale food like that? And because you’re used to it, you label your food in the refrigerator or ask your mom to save some food for you when you get home, just in case the warriors come sniffing the ‘fridge.


6. It’s like living with snakes

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They won’t backstab you or anything like that but they do shed their clothes everywhere! Once home, they immediately peel off their shirts, (something we wish we could also do in this 39-degree weather) and leave it lying around. It’s World War when they can’t find their shirts when they need to wear it. Uh, surprise Sherlock, if you’d only place it in the laundry basket life would be so much easier!


7. You’ll have extensive amounts of advice from a guy’s perspective

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That is if your brother is willing to talk to you about how you’re running your life. They might joke around and bully you a lot but when it’s time to be serious, you might be surprised to find out you can get nuggets of wisdom from a boy’s perspective. And sometimes, being the emotional lump that you are, they say the right things to shake you from your self-pity shell.


8. Other girls will have a crush on him and will eventually ask you his relationship status

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We can’t deny that we are all good looking people! It’s natural that girls, some of your classmates even, will come up to you and ask about your brother. You’ll find it weird but at the same time you’ll feel proud that your bro is capable of wooing the ladies.


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