Congratulations on getting hired! Funemployment no more! But once the excitement sets, you’ll start to feel a little nervous and anxious. That’s totally normal! Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Are you feeling like a deer in the headlights on your first job journey? Take everything day by day. Try these simple steps to get you through each work week! Being bibo is not bad!

1. Always have notebook and pen with you


This is #1! Get a work notebook. Make sure you write all your notes there so it’s easy to go back to your checklists and meeting minutes. Whenever you write your meeting notes, make sure to put the date and time, people you were with, it never hurts to be more specific. It’ll be easier to jog your memory when you need to. Additional tip: bring an extra pen just in case your boss, your colleague or a client needs one.

2. Remember names


Remember that work notebook? Keep it private, and write down the names of the people you meet, especially on your first day. Don’t write right after you meet them, keep a mental note and make sure to write it down when you have the chance. People feel great when you call them by their name. So on your first day, get their names, find something to remember about them, and it’s good to know their department too, or where they sit.

3. Read all e-mails


Be informed. Especially when you’re just starting, being in the know is a plus. You don’t have to get involved if it’s not your responsibility but you’ll never know when an opportunity for you to help may arise. This will also help you avoid those instances where you’d say “I have no idea about this.” You should have some idea. Care

4. Create a contact database


This one’s quite important, and if you don’t start early, it’ll be hard to do later on. Create an Excel file of all your contacts, and build a network. Always ask for business cards and needless to say, always have yours with you. This will come in handy for future projects and opportunities.

5. Never say no


No in this context means “I don’t know”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good at that.” Knowing what your strengths are is different from just not trying to improve. When you’re just starting, initiative is really valued. Always try whatever you can; this really is the time to pay your dues. Don’t be a diva!

6. List down all projects and tasks


Take note of all the projects you’ve handled and assisted. This way you can keep track of your performance, and makes it easier for you to evaluate yourself. This may come in handy for when your annual evaluation comes.

7. Always be open


Say hi. Ask how you can help. Always listen – you can learn so much just by listening intently during meetings, pantry conversations, and normal encounters. Always keep an open line of communication with your workmates and your boss, especially. Everyone loves working with open-minded people.

8. Find your tribe


While it is true that you don’t come to work to make friends, it’s still very important to find a group of people who you can be comfortable with and have fun with to make every day a bit easier. Apart from the friendship, what you should try to find, is a group of people who you can collaborate with and grow with. Friends who you love working with and who push you to be better every day.

Got any more tips to share? Tell us about them below!


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