8 Truths about Dating an Artist

By Kyzia Maramara

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Artists are just like ordinary people, the only difference is that their creativity and passion that they bring anywhere they go. They’re adventurers always looking for a new experience for inspiration, they like living free and exploring different things life has to offer. Befriending one and even dating one might seem intimidating but one thing’s for sure, being with them can be one artful rollercoaster ride.

1. They’re free spirited, don’t rein them in

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Artists are natural explorers and adventurers, they ride the wave that is life and they don’t like being held down. Experience is food for their soul and they will drag you with them to every new discovery, consider it a treat! That’s why it’s important to remember not to box them in and be clingy. At some point, you might be tempted to put fences and restrict them but that could only lead to them being annoyed. Let them be, they like to be with you but they also value new experiences and time alone.


2. Their creativity transcends to their style

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Don’t be shocked if they grow their hair out to extreme lengths, dye it with different colors, or cut it real short. Their clothes might be bizarre for the normal population but that’s just because the majority of the population aren’t extraordinary. Besides, this world needs a lot more self-expression and an explosion of colors.


3. You’ll be their muse

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Writers don’t always write about you, but artists might often make you their muse. When you’re dating an artist, be prepared to be his inspiration and more importantly, his model. When you sit at a coffee shop spot where the sunlight perfectly shines on your face, you’ll be asked to stay in that position for a few minutes for the perfect photograph or a quick sketch. It’s kind of a win-win situation if you think about it; you both get a beautiful drawing or a photo.

However, you might not always be their muse now, it might be a whole other person. Sometimes they also just want to be with you and not make you a subject in their profession. If this happens, don’t get jealous or demand to be drawn, you’ll only annoy them.


4. Take their work seriously and defend them against those who don’t

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Art takes a lot of passion, hard work, and time that sometimes a lot of people overlook. Ever seen posts circling the internet of friends asking their artist friends to do work for free? That’s not cool! Work that involves sitting in front of a desk and having spreadsheets and other materials to guide you is just as real a job as creating art based on your own ideas and these ideas come at a cost. Whether the artist is a painter, a writer, a musician, a photographer, or whatever they be, let them know that they deserve to be recognized.

5. Their sketchbooks are life

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A sketchbook and a pencil case with their best art supplies will never leave their bag. This is the only armor they need for the day. Whenever they’re waiting in a long line, attending a meeting, or was just inspired and needed to draw what they felt, the sketchbook comes in handy. A good sketchbook might also be the perfect gift, if you’re looking to give one to the artist in your life.


6. They’re reserved and introverted, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t listening or observing

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Artists more often than not are the reserved type; they tend to keep to themselves although you might spot them in various social gatherings. Like writers, artists might not be fluent in expressing their feelings verbally, but they’re excellent in expressing themselves through their art in long hours of painting, animating, and creating other mediums.  However, they can listen to you and pick up on your unconscious habits or all the other details you have and you’d be surprised when they give you gifts based on these.

In a relationship, they also have it hard in expressing their feelings. They need a bit of time off to analyze their feelings but they’ll be back when they’ve got it all figured out, don’t worry.


7. Time might be a problem

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If they’re given a project, they’ll concentrate all their consciousness on it; they don’t work with a schedule so nights and days blend into each other. Oftentimes they’ll do a ‘Will Byers’ (ehem, Stranger Things) on you and disappear for days only to reemerge pale, covered in paint, or tired-eyed but they need you to spend time with them to take a break from it all. Don’t complain too much about it, they need your understanding and not your being too clingy.


8. You have to be up for visiting new museums and exhibits, no matter how far

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If you think museums and exhibits are boring, that will change when you’re dating an artist. Or not. But spending so much time with them checking out galleries, exhibits, and museums will make you change your mind soon enough. With artists, there’s always an exhibit they’d like to attend, whether it’s in support of their friends, or in support of other artists they admire. Support them in all their endeavors and they will eternally be grateful.


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