8 TV Jingles That Annoyingly Gave Us Major LSS This Year

By Tynne De Leon


If you tried to escape the dreadful earworms from your TV screens this year and failed, this one’s for you. What’s worse, these insanely catchy jingles have crawled their way into our social media feeds—with the nonstop memes and lyrics—sucking out whatever sanity we have left. These TV jingles are super fun, catchy, yes; but they are also downright annoying. But you sing them anyway—in the most unexpected and in opportune times.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by TV jingles:

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Here are the jingles that are have burrowed their way into our heads this year:

8. Daming Lamang (Bonux)


Triggering lyrics: Sa Bonux 3-in-1 daming lamang!


7. Boom Boom Pow (Downy)


Triggering lyrics: Downy Boom Boom Pow!


6. ABS-CBN TV Plus


Triggering lyrics: Sa ABS-CBN TV Plus, mas enjoy ang family. ABS-CBN TV Plus!


5. Check sa Palmolive (Palmolive)


Triggering lyrics: Check sa Palmolive, check ang hair ko!

4. ‘Di Biro Maging Nurse (Shield Bath Soap)


Triggering lyrics: Shield, galit sa sakit at may malasakit!


3. ‘Pag 3 pataas (Bonakid)


Triggering lyrics: ‘Pag 3 pataas, mag-Bonakid Pre-school 3+!


2. Check The Label, Mommies! (Nido)


Triggering lyrics: Check the label, mommies. Check the label, mommies!


1. Beat Energy Gap (Milo)


Triggering lyrics: Help beat energy, energy gap. Beat energy gap. Drink Milo every day!


Which TV jingle do you sing the most? Tell us below!

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