8 Tweeted Gems from #MillennialAMovie

By Kyzia Maramara

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Tag Femmes and Hashtag Roundup teamed up on Twitter to invite people to play a game of #MillennialAMovie. What if movies are made by your average millennial? What would be the no-brainer title? The results just left us dying from laughter! Check out the transformations of these movies.

1. This tie-up

To those who can afford premium, at least.


2. The fashionable couple

Get u a beast who has swagger.


3. Ode to the broke millennial

Damn these taxes.


4. Trying to appease everybody at the same time

Chocolate that’s complicatedly multi-gender/cultural/denominational/socio economical/political leaning person approved.

5. Star wars

Star Wars: The Last Lodi


6. The Empire joins the dating scene and…

The Empire does not approve (of your face).


7. Error 404: Job not found

Keep searching!


8. Change is coming

Check out #MillennialAMovie to see more!


What would be your entry? Share it with us!

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