8 Types of Barkada During Outings

By Tynne De Leon

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It’s outing season again! Or as we millennials love to call it—drawing season. Expect another wave of beach plans! If your barkada is one of few ones that will actually push through with plans… congrats! Only a few have actually reached this level.

In every barkada outing, there is always a role for every person in the group—either they don’t like it or they’ve already accepted it. Tag your friends in the comments section below!

8. The Event Planner

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They’ve accepted the fact that someone needs to organize the trip, or else it won’t push through.  They’re the most patient in the group (or at least they try to be).  You won’t have to worry about the itinerary, accommodations, heck—even the list of things to bring, because they gotchu! Just show up, and that’s fine for them.


7. The Kaladkarin

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No matter how far the destination, or how late you invite them, the kaladkarin is always ready-to-go. Either they’re the adventurous in the group, or they mostly just got FOMO. Whatever the reason—they add color to the “barkada drawing” and event planners are always thankful for them.


6. The Make it Makati

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These are the type of barkadas who won’t leave the place without having a fling. Name a dating app, they’ve installed all of it. They’re always on the phone at first, swiping ‘til their fingers hurt. Whenever you go to a restaurant or public place, they’ll most likely ask if there is a Wi-Fi or signal in the place. Just wait a few hours and poof, they’re gone. They’ll be back with a plus one, or with a wild and interesting story that starts with “Guess what???”


5. The “blogger”

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The moment you hop in the car, they’re already filming the whole thing and blurting out their favorite phrase: “Hey, guys! Today, we’re going to ______! ” Check their luggage and they’ve mostly packed tens of different outfits for a 3D2N trip because #OOTD is life! Every beautiful spot is a photo opportunity, and they do it either to finally change their Facebook display photo or to beautify their Instagram feed.

4. The Photographer

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The photographer is definitely the BFF of travel blogger. Always on the hunt for picturesque scenes, they don’t mind bringing their cameras because they love going for photo walks (that or they’re a lowkey travel blogger too). The downside of being the barkada’s photographer, though, is either you’re not included in the group photo or you don’t have a decent solo photo during the trip. Worse, you’re both.


3. The Girl Scout

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Girl scouts are those who always expect the worst case scenarios, so they bring all the emergency stuff they could possibly think of. Nail cutters, bottle openers, pepper spray—name it, they have it. You’d be surprised at what’s inside their bag!


2. The Resident Driver

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These friends make the trip hassle-free by volunteering their car and driving skills. Bless them! They can be a resident DJ too, sometimes. If no one has a driver’s license in the group, the last resort is inviting a “jowa” of the barkada who has one.


1. The “Sick” One

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They will exclude themselves in the group photo or they’ll beg you not to tag them on social media. That’s because their bosses know they’re on sick leave. We wonder how they explain their tan lines after “getting sick”, though.


Which one is you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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