8 Ways to End the Year Right

By 8List

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The year is finally drawing to a close, and it’s during this time when we need to look back and reflect on the life we have lived in the past 330+ days — all the friends we have gained, all the lessons we have learned, all the love we’ve been given, and all the things about ourselves that needs changing for a better future.

We all had our own battles to confront this year, and maybe some of us still are nowhere near to being the person we had hoped to be when the year began. But with the remaining time we have, we can still turn things around and end the year the way we want it to.

Here are 8 ways you can end the year right!

Go mountain hiking with friends

Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or have only admired your friends who are from the comforts of your room, you’d know that there’s something therapeutic about mountain climbing. It challenges you physically and mentally, with a rewarding result — a breathtaking view from the summit and the memories you make with your company.

It’s much more fun to conquer climbs with friends too. Just plan together and plan ahead so you can end your year with something to remember for a long time.


Declutter your room

The holidays are all about starting anew and that includes getting rid of anything and everything that doesn’t benefit you anymore. It’s a hassle at first, but you should really spend a few days decluttering your room or your workspace. Sell or donate your old things! Get rid of what you’ve been hoarding just because. Welcome a more minimalist lifestyle. Read our handy guide on how to perfectly declutter your home here!


Start budgeting your year-end expenses

The holidays do make us feel more generous to ourselves and to others, so you have to be smart about it. End your year right by leaving enough of your savings and bonuses left for the next year which will be made easier when you budget your year-end expenses starting today. This will help you control your holiday splurges and gift-giving!


Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time

Stop settling for statements like “I miss you, we should hang soon!” Go and actually do meet up with the person over the weekend or whenever you’re able to make time, no matter how brief the meeting. It will help rekindle old friendships which you’ll realize are still worth keeping as the next year rolls in.


Make use of the holiday vacation to slow down and chill at home reading. Read some books you haven’t read, reread your childhood favorites, or discover something new at the library or bookstore.


Travel somewhere within the country

Travel in your own country There are plenty of places within the Philippines to discover that won’t cost you much to travel to: Quezon, Batangas, Aklan, Leyte, Zambales, and so much more! Go on a solo trip, a romantic escapade, or a famkada roadtrip before the year ends!


Make a gratitude list

It helps to view the year that just passed at a better light when you sit down and list all the positive things that happened to you that you are thankful for. It could be something as simple as a stranger’s act of kindness or a hug from a friend when you were feeling down. Write these at the beginning of your planner or a notebook you can dig up again someday so that when you look back at the year, you’ll realize just how significant the year had been.


Volunteer for an NGO

There’s no better way to end the year than by helping others. And right now, hunger is a basic problem that leads to kids being unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive, and unfit to live their best lives. There are plenty of NGOs and groups to approach that each have their own advocacy. Go to United for Healthier Kids (U4HK) for a list of NGO’s you can donate to; UH4K is where you can find NGO’s dedicated to ending hunger and malnutrition.

Here’s a list of NGO’s that you can donate to:

Project Pearls, Reach Out and Feed Philippines, Children’s Mission, Children’s Hour, Red Cross, Waves for Water and Virlanie.

Remember, kids have every right to enjoy noche buena too.

You can also visit UH4K on their Facebook page, and start getting #HangryAboutHunger!

How are you ending your year right? Tell us all about it below!

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