A Paranoid Girl’s Guide

to Modern Dating

By Tynne De Leon

So you find yourself meeting people as potential partners. Then you realize it’s more complicated than you think: communication can be hard at times, mixed signals are everywhere, and there are these unspoken rules that you do not know of—and these things are totally stressing you out. Alas, welcome to the game that is modern-day dating.

But don’t fret, these experiences can turn into great lessons and can turn you into a better version of yourself. For now, here are some things that you need to remember as you find yourself playing in this “game”:

8. It’s normal to date someone you met through a dating app


We’ve long seen people use dating apps, but most of them don’t really want to talk about it for fear of being judged. Newsflash: it’s perfectly normal—people use them to get dates and some are just shy to admit it.

However, remember to date at your own risk. It’s important that you set boundaries before you meet with people you talk to, and it helps to know at least some information about them to set your mind at ease.


7. Splitting the bill is okay


Dating someone automatically means you’ll be spending more money—from going to different places to food trips. You (or your date) need not always have to shoulder the entire bill just because you’re the one who invited them (or vice-versa)—unless you really insist. But remember: splitting the bill is okay, and it doesn’t automatically give you a bad first impression. After all, you both agreed to meet, so both of you must have prepared for it at least.


6. You can always say “no”


If you’re not comfortable holding hands, or even kissing someone on your first date, you can always say no. Speak your mind, communication is a good thing.


5. It’s okay to not keep in touch when you feel it won’t work out


There comes a time when you realize that you’re not compatible with the person, and it feels like you’re stuck in a situation wherein you’re left not knowing how to deal with the awkwardness. So you end up ghosting them, or worse, leaving them when you’ve found someone knew. You can avoid this by being honest with your feelings. The point of dating is to know whether you both click, and know that not all relationships work out.

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