An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Social Gatherings

By Kyzia Maramara

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Holidays are coming up and there are probably more events you’re going to get invited to in this season than the rest of the year. But don’t get anxious! You got this, yeah?

It’s terribly easy to fall back into the routine of declining all those invitations to go out or canceling last minute because you just don’t feel like going out, but now is not the time to settle with this attitude! After all, it’s 2017 and you’re bound to know that anything can happen in 2017, including you eventually becoming an extrovert.

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But before you get to that stage you have to take baby steps first and survive the 2017 holidays. Now there’s going to be a lot of strangers in these parties or estranged relatives but who cares? You’re going to survive this! And we’re going to help you.

1. Prepare for the gathering beforehand

If you know you’ll be interacting with a lot of people and you need strength for it, go to a quiet place and soak up the peace and solidarity. Relax so you can be your best at the party.


2. Remember that you’re not obliged to make conversation with everyone

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Don’t pressure yourself to speak to everyone; it’ll only make you anxious. Instead, keep in mind that the journey of an introvert to becoming sociable is taken one step at a time. If you had a conversation with only one new person, then that’s good! It’s a start.


3. Bring an extroverted friend and stick to them like glue

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The golden rule: Bring Your Own Extrovert. If it makes you all the more comfortable, make a pact with them that they will not under any circumstances leave your side. Extroverted friends help generate conversation and all you have to do is nod in relief.


4. Come prepared with possible topics to start conversations with

It might sound funny but coming prepared with a conversation goes a long way. You can start with the generic small talk about how the food tasted or the weather outside. You can also steer the conversation toward travel, pets, and jobs, its guaranteed to make people talk and you can just ask the questions.

5. Smile!

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Nobody will approach a person who looks so uncomfortable or even grumpy! Smile and relax, enjoy yourself in the company of your extrovert and other friends. Also, try your hand at introducing yourself first to a person you encounter by the snack bar or by the food table. You’ll feel great that you did it, trust us!


6. Bathroom breaks are important

Aside from the fact that you can give yourself little pep talks in the mirror, it’s the only place where you can be alone to recharge. No doubt you’d feel drained somewhere in the middle of it all so take your limited bathroom break excuse.


7. Take a breather outside

Eventually, you have to stop going to the bathroom because you don’t want them to think you might have a stomach condition. Step outside for a while, you can take some friends with you. If you’re at a house maybe you can walk around the village a little, parts where there are few people, or if you’re at an urban setting, maybe it has a terrace or a roof deck.


8. Treat yourself after everything’s over

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Look at that, you did a great job! Avoid replaying the mishaps of the night, if there are any, over and over in your head. Whether it’s regretting saying something or not saying something, or how you’ve just thought of the funniest answer to a question, don’t stress over it! There will be plenty more parties you can attend in the future. Besides, you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Have fun!


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