Post-Apocalyptic Games To Get You Used To Darker Days

By Matthew Arcilla


With the way political events are turning out these days, there’s little guarantee we are not seeing the end of days. Whether it’s environmental degradation, the zombie apocalypse or a nuclear holocaust, video games have got you covered. Here are eight games that will get you used to the end of civilization as we know it (We kid. Kind of.).

8. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series


Play on: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One

Based on the comic book of the same name, The Walking Dead is the breakout success for San Rafael based Telltale Games. A point and click adventure separated into individual episodes, the first season focuses on convicted felon Lee Everett. Lee gets a second chance at redemption in the zombie apocalypse, all while taking care of an abandoned girl and nurturing her instincts in a sick sad world.


7. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture


Play on: PC, PS4

A first person exploration mystery from UK based studio The Chinese Room, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is set in a small English town whose population has dwindled into nothingness. As players explore, they gradually learn of the mysterious phenomena causing these disappearances, which ultimately culminate in a heart breaking revelation about the inevitable end of humanity.


6. The Last of Us



Play on: PS3, PS4

Twenty years after a fungal outbreak ravaged the United States, the emotionally distant Joel Miller is escorting a young girl named Ellie across a continent without hope. That’s The Last of Us, one of the crown jewel exclusives of the PlayStation. It’s basically ‘The Road’ by way of Santa Monica based developer Naughty Dog and plays as a survival action game that’s one part Uncharted, one part Resident Evil.


5. Bedlam Redux


Play on: PC, Mac

An unusual combination of XCOM-style squad based combat and Oregon Trail-style choose your own adventure, Bedlam is a quirky production from Austin-based Skyshine Games. As the Mechanic, players operate one of the last Dozers, a rolling fortress that holds crew, resources and passengers. You’ll trade, fight or befriend various robots, mutants and bandits on your journey to find the fabled Aztec City.

4. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West


Play on: PC, Xbox 360, PS3,

Loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, this action game from Cambridge-based Ninja Theory has players take on the role of Monkey, a strong and brutish loner. Monkey enters into a reluctant partnership with the technologically savvy Trip. Together they embark on a perilous journey in a world where most of civilization has gone and nature has begun to take over, with only technological remnants as hints of the past.


3. Gears of War 3


Via Xbox

Play on: Xbox 360

While the blockbuster franchise is best known for its bro-tastic spectacle and tight tactical combat, it’s the third installment that makes the setting’s trademark destroyed beauty a more vivid experience. Gears of War 3 is Maryland based North Carolina based Epic Games in top form, delivering great gameplay and a well realized world in which men and women gave up their dreams to keep annihilation at bay.


2. Metro 2033


Play on: PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One

The Malta-based studio 4A Games isn’t famous, but its singular commitment to the Metro series has resulted in a bleak, survival horror shooter like no other. After nuclear war devastated Moscow, the remnants of Russia’s population take refuge from monsters and mutants of the surface in the city’s subways and metro stations. It’s a unique take on the apocalypse, where bullets serve as currency and ideological clashes persist.


1. Fallout 2


Play on: PC, Mac

The second installment in one of the most iconic video game properties of all time, Fallout 2 is the post-nuclear role-playing game going for broke. Developer Black Isle Studios doubles down on some of the grittiest and maybe even immature aspects of their world, featuring more drugs, more violence, more slavery and more prostitution. Life after the bomb only proves that man never changes.


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