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These Awkward Moments

Between Donald and Melania Trump

Will Make You Cringe

By Dani Panopio

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Admit it: Donald Trump was born to become a meme. Ever since Donald Trump got elected as the President of the United States, reactions of people were mixed. But one thing’s for sure: the longer he stays president the more memes people can produce. Every move, every speech, every handshake he makes are the stuff of meme heaven. Together with his wife, Melania, we list down some of the most awkward and cringe-worthy moments of the unusual first couple.

That Time He Greeted His Wife… Who Was Just Standing Right Beside Him

Trump thanked his vice president and his wife, who “really wanted” to be there during their visit to Fort Myers, Florida after the recent Hurricane Irma. So, who’s that lady standing next to him?


That Time He Looked Directly to the Sun during the Eclipse

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This must be the dumbest move ever for someone who’s supposed to be leading the country.


That Time Melania Swatted His Hand Away

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Maybe that’s just their version of high five??? #benefitofthedoubt

That Time Melania Reminded The Donald Where to Put His Hand

We honestly think that Donald wouldn’t survive being president without the help of his wife (a.k.a. thank god for Melania for saving the day.)


That Brief, Fake Smile of Melania

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The viral gif from Trump’s inauguration sees Donald looking over to his wife who briefly smiles to him then returns to her miserable-like state.


That Time He Peeked at His Wife While She’s Voting

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One of the first signs of an unstable marriage is the lack of trust.


That Time He Pointed at Melania’s Boobs

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That Time He “Pushed” His Wife Away from the Podium

First off, why would you shake your wife’s hand and not show some romantic gesture like normal couples do? And second, Melania is not a ‘pet’.


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