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With the summer heat in full force, everyone’s escaping to the beach every chance they get. Hell, you’re probably reading this while planning your next trip, aren’t you? Make sure your summer adventures don’t take a toll on your skin. As you shop for sunblock, tanning oil and other beach toiletries, don’t grab the first (or cheapest) one you see.

Go for these natural products, beach bums! Unlike most, these beach products won’t only care for your skin during sun exposure. These buys will be beneficial for your skin in the long run.


8. Mythos: Suncare Milk


Mythos wonderfully combines sun protection with skin care. Suncare Milk will nourish your skin while shielding it from UVA radiation and free radicals. It’s also water resistant, quickly absorbed and light on the skin.


7. Human Nature: Safe Protect Sunscreen


Get your hands on the Philippines first 100% natural sunscreen. Human Nature’s Safe Protect Sunscreen is absolutely free of chemicals that are terrible for the skin and the environment. Not only will it deflect UVB rays from your skin, it’ll also make sure that reefs aren’t bleached as you swim near them.


6. By Nature: Sunblock Away


Here’s another all-natural sunscreen that’s definitely a summer must-have. By Nature’s Sunblock Away protects with an impressive SPF 75 and is formulated with oils terrific for the skin. It has sunflower, virgin coconut, jojoba, and other oils that your skin will love.


5. Hurraw: Sun Protection Lip Balm


Most people forget about their lips when protecting themselves from the sun. Don’t make the same mistake. Make sure you’re smooch-ready in and out of the beach with Hurraw’s SPF 15 lip balm. It’ll protect your lips and make you look good at the same time. It’s also formulated to be long-lasting without being too sticky and glossy.

4. Lush: Solid Body Tint


Skip over-tanning and chemical fake tans, which are fast tickets to skin aging. Instead, go for the solid body tints from Lush. All you have to do is smooth them all over your skin for a subtle hint of color and glow. They come in two variants—Shimmy Shimmy and Black Stockings. The latter is perfect for looking sun kissed at an instant.

Black Stockings is mainly composed of organic cocoa butter, pimento berry oil, orange oil and cinnamon. Aside from getting a fast tan, look forward to its warm fragrance reminiscent of the tropics.


3. Tan Organic: Self-Tanning Oil


Here’s another easy, fast and safe way of achieving a natural-looking tan. Treat yourself to Tan Organic’s multi-awarded self-tanning oil. Simply massage it all over your body, and you can say goodbye to pale beach photos. This self-tanning oil won’t only give your skin some color; it’ll also nourish and hydrate it into soft, silky skin. It’s free of synthetic colors, preservatives and parabens as well.


2. Mario Badescu: Facial Spray


Take a break from lounging around at the beach to refresh your toasted, dehydrated skin. Don’t worry, you don’t need to get up from the sand. Just spritz your face with Mario Badescu’s facial spray. It’s gentle and non-irritating as it’s made from skin-friendly ingredients–aloe, herbs and rosewater. You can also use the facial spray to give your dry hair some life.


1. Aloe Derma: After Sun Repairing Lotion


Even the best of us (aka the ones with the most sunblock) get sunburnt. Soothe, rehydrate and replenish your sun-damaged skin with Aloe Derma’s After Sun Repairing Lotion. Consider this lotion your weapon for preventing nasty peeling, too.


Any other natural beach products you want to recommend? Sound off below!

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