Has it ever crossed your mind how messy breakups are in the modern age? How we have to deal with the arduous task of digitally purging our ex from our lives? How you can never really escape from your ex for as long as you have common friends across all social media?

Breakups in the modern age are ironic because unlike everything else in the digital realm, it doesn’t last for just a split second. The shadow of your past relationship persists in the deep realms of your Twitter account, among the thousands of photos on your Facebook wall, in the lyrics of songs you’ve played the most on your Spotify.

Here are just a few of the things we have to go through:

Unfriending all their friends


The saddest part about breaking up with an ex is having to break up with your ex’s friends, especially when your relationship ended on bad terms. It’s just going to hurt when you see your ex’s friends posting photos of them hanging out and moving on with their lives without you, and so you feel almost obliged to purge them out of your life as well.


Deleting all the photos you have together


Having to go through each and every photo on your phone to delete them sucks. It’s like going down memory lane and reminiscing on all the memories you’ve made together before completely letting them go.

Having to go through photos on your social media sucks even harder, not only because of the same reason but also because there’s just too many! Honestly, who has the time to go through all of that?


Deleting all the Spotify playlists you’ve made for them


It’s like the online equivalent of burning everything you owned that reminded you of your ex. Because nothing makes you recall an ex more than a song can.


Having to announce your breakup to your online friends


When you’ve always been so out in the open with your relationship — posting photos, tagging each other on everything, sharing sweet messages publicly — you’ve kind of let the whole world into your life. Because of it, you kind of feel obliged to explain to everybody what the status of your relationship is just to keep them in the loop.


Removing their address on your Waze favorites


You have no use for that now.


Sharing, reposting, retweeting all the sad and hugot posts you see online


We don’t outright talk about how we feel; we just share things other people say that express how we’re feeling. It’s just how we cope with our sadness these days.


Cursing at Facebook’s “On This Day” feature


No Facebook, we don’t need to be reminded of our ex’s aunt’s birthday party last year. Or their graduation. Or their sweet anniversary message.


Removing yourself from your shared Netflix account


Because no one wants to be that douche who still accesses their ex’s Netflix account for free.


What other things do you hate about breakups in the modern age? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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