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on a Cruise Trip

By Tynne De Leon

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Cruising isn’t really a top-of-mind choice for some Pinoy travelers, but it’s definitely one for the bucket list. Maybe because we think it’s expensive and luxurious.

But let me tell you: cruising is more than what we think it is.

Last week, I get to experience cruising for the first time, onboard Star Cruises’ Superstar Virgo—the first-ever cruise ship to homeport in Manila. I was amazed by the number of activities you can actually do aboard the ship!

Here are just some of those many things that will definitely make you want to book a cruise trip. Take note: They’re all bucket-list worthy!

8. Catch the best view of the sunset

Watching the sunset by the beach is just beautiful, but viewing it from a cruise ship is entirely magical. You get a front row view of the sun as it meets the horizon and you can easily capture a perfect time-lapse the whole thing (that is, if the clouds cooperate). It’s alright to feel emotional here.


7. Visit another country

Except for the High Seas cruise package, you get to explore a new country destination with shore excursions. For Star Cruises, you can choose from 11 countries: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The best part? They’re visa-free and the land tour is included in your itinerary! View the destinations here.


6. Meet new friends from different walks of life

Being onboard a ship is like joining a community, and having conversations with people you don’t know is pretty much a part of the experience. You can meet different people from different walks of life, and you get to learn many things from exchanging life stories with them. The staff is also welcoming and friendly; you’ll easily feel at home. P.S. There are lots of Pinoy crew onboard!


5. Watch (and even participate in) extravagant entertainment shows

If you thought cruising is all about fancy dinners and long walks with a margarita in hand—cruising is much more than that. There are big theaters and huge lounges onboard where you can watch popular music shows, dance performances, magic shows and even a midnight burlesque show (for adults, of course). There are game shows, lectures, demonstrations, and even dance parties which you can participate in!

4. Try a new international dish

Traveling by sea is not only an experience for the soul, it’s also an adventure for your taste buds. When you’re onboard, you get access to unlimited food from different restaurants and bars that offer dishes around the world.

Their flagship fleet, The Superstar Virgo, is home to over ten restaurants and bars that offer dishes around the world including Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Western and International Cuisine. Each restaurant has a “different country” feel, so it feels like you’re in a different country without leaving the ship.


3. Conquer your fears

Traveling is not just about enjoying yourself, it’s also about breaking out of your shell—one destination at a time. If you are prone to sea sickness, the chances of feeling it is very rare in cruising. The cruise ship is a big vessel built for extreme weather and large waves so you won’t feel like you’re standing above the waves.

You can also challenge yourself by sliding down the 100-m water pool slide—one of the best features of the Star Cruises ships. You’ll definitely enjoy the adrenaline!


2. Learn a new hobby

The cruise ship has a lot of activities round the clock, including workshops and art activities. You can do new and exciting things  like learning archery, do ice cube painting, or even do cardio kickboxing! You can also bring the kids at some activities!


1. The cruise itself

Of course, going on a cruise is a bucket list in itself. Whatever preconceived notions you might have when it comes to cruise ships, experiencing it firsthand will give you an entirely a new travel perspective. My first cruise made me tick off a lot of things from my bucket list, and I would definitely be game to do it all over again!

Cruise from Manila to Keelung, Taiwan and Okinawa, Japan! From March to May, Star Cruises’ Superstar Virgo will have specially-curated themed cruises featuring top entertainers in the country for a five-day cruise. For more information, visit or call (02) 8366080 or email


Have you experienced cruising? How was your experience like? Share with us in the comments section below!

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