Nearly 20 years ago, we watched a young Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban act as part of the G-mik cast. In their teenage years, they started dating each other exclusively and the relationship lasted for 6 years. Unfortunately, as it was revealed in last week’s Gandang Gabi Vice episode (more on that later), they broke up because of a third party.

Fast forward to today, Carlo and Angelica’s friendship is stronger than ever and after having long-term relationships of their own, they now find themselves single with a country full of fans who want them to get back together. The internet is positively radiating with hope!


Reunited! They’re starring in a movie together as a love team

The aptly named movie by Dan Villegas entitled Exes Baggage, stars former love team and former real life couple Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino. This reunion movie brings back old memories of kilig and we can’t help but appreciate how far both of them have gone since their childhood days! Plus of course we’re expecting lots of kilig from this one.


Childhood sweethearts to being the closest of friends

I hope you’re not doing this for publicity!


Our cheeks hurt from smiling

The Kissing Game with Carlo and Angelica | Metro.Style

They say action speaks louder than words and that talking about feelings can be overrated. So real-life exes Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban, found a different use for their lips to show how action seems to speak the right amount of romance and fun.

See more of what makes this tandem work on Metro.Style:

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Videography by Pat Buenaobra

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Then and now

They say if past lovers can still be friends, it’s either they still have feelings or they never loved each other at all.


They’re so comfortable!


They’re happy and there’s no pressure but..


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She hides like a child but she’s always a woman to me

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..why won’t they get back together?


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Year 2004

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The answer might be in their recent GGV guesting

Well that was emotional! But whatever happens with #CarGel, we’re glad they’re great friends and they got each other no matter what.

What’s your favorite #CarGel kilig moment? Share it with us below!


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