In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as Ghost Month. This is when the gates of hell are open and its inhabitants roam our earthly plane.

This year’s ghost month is from August 14 to September 12.

Those who don’t believe in ghosts and spirits will still appreciate the fact that this is traditionally a time for families to remember and pay respect to deceased loved ones. Traditional customs include preparing meals and burning paper money for the deceased: to feed and provide funds for your departed loved ones’ bank account in heaven and to bribe the evil ghosts so that they won’t bother your family.

If they are unfed or are not given tribute, they get angry and will cause mischief and problems for the rest of the year.


If you are Chinoy or have Chinoy friends whose families are sticklers for following customs, you may be slightly familiar at the very long list of forbidden activities during this month. Lest you annoy or incur the wrath of the ghosts who are roaming around, here are a few of them:

Thay say that ghosts who died from drowning will pull you into the water because they envy live souls.


It is believed that ghosts will try on the clothes and leave negative energy on the fabric, giving bad luck to anyone who wears them.


The ghosts will hear the name and visit that person at night. If you hear your name being called from behind you … run.


A ghost may have already have its eyes on it and will get mad at you. (Which means you can’t drop money by accident, because you won’t be able to pick it up.)


Ghosts are attracted to red. You don’t want them hanging around you, would you?


Ghosts will hear you and come to you, no matter how bad your singing is.


Upright chopsticks in food means it’s for the dead.


Why tempt fate?



What other activities are you forbidden to do by your parents or grandparents during Ghost Month? Share in the comments below!


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