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By Therese Aseoche

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When you don’t have a varied set of board games readily on hand for your weekend parties or date nights at home, or don’t want to rely on mere card games and charades to keep the night interesting, there’s nothing like busting out a good video game to play as a team.

Here are some of the must-have multiplayer games we’ve found on Steam your friends or your date will most definitely enjoy!


It’s exactly like your favorite Diner Dash games, only much more challenging! Overcooked is a cooking simulation game where you have to work together to prepare, cook, and serve specific dishes, and do so flawlessly in changing environments. Imagine having to prepare a dish on two moving vehicles, or having to cross passing ice platforms to get from one part of the kitchen to another! It’s guaranteed to be chaotic.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

In this game, you and your partner/s must work together to diffuse a ticking time bomb. One will be handling the bomb while the others (called “experts”) will be giving instructions based on what is indicated on the Bomb Defusal Manual. What makes this game fun is that the experts are prohibited from seeing the bomb, so teamwork, clear communication, and quick-thinking are pivotal in successfully neutralizing the threat!



The first thing you’ll love about Cuphead is its beautiful art style which is heavily inspired by 1930s cartoons and carefully hand drawn by talented artists. The first thing you’ll hate about it is how freakin’ difficult it is. This shoot-em-up game was designed to frustrate you and your game buddy, but that’s what makes winning every stage so fulfilling! You’ll get to test your teamwork in this game too.


Golf with Your Friends

It’s your usual mini golf game with actually challenging and fun courses. Your friends could even challenge online gamers for a truly competitive tourney.


The gameplay’s pretty simple: you just have to outrun each other, Mario Kart-style.


Portal 2

This overwhelmingly raved about game is a first-person puzzle-platform video game which you can play split screen with someone else. You just have to help each other succeed every test chamber.



If you and your friends are up for a long night of geeky gaming, then try this dungeon crawler. You (or a friend) will control the Hero, while the rest control the monsters tasked to kill you so they can take your place as the Hero. It has that very retro-feel you would all definitely enjoy.


Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a friendship-ruiner. All of you have to make crossing the finish line challenging by strategically placing specific “props” around the area to impede your opponents. The catch is that despite the obstacles, it still has to be possible to beat. After all, it’s not called a game unless only one person wins it!


What other games do you recommend? Share them with us below!

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