8 Funniest Reactions

to the “Unli-Rice” Fiasco

By Tim Henares

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While Senator Villar has clarified that her comments against unlimited rice were merely rhetorical and not meant to inform people of her legislative agenda, it’s pretty obvious that plenty of Filipinos were triggered, to put it mildly. Needless to say, we love our unlimited rice, and anyone who gets in between us and our beloved staple food of choice risks earning our undying wrath.

While it’s clear that Senator Villar will not file any law to ban unlimited rice, the reactions from all sorts of people for the few hours we thought it were true are classic. Here are just a few of them…

8. @Cley_ooo

Piolo Pascual said it best.


7. @dlrs_ad

Rice up and go against the grain!


6. @thetigeRAD

Glass houses and stones, everybody!


5. @NinaAlvia

A testimonial as proof that unli-rice is love.

4. @hecklerforever

Let’s remind people what the real issues are.


3. Mang Inasal (Parody Account)

Some parties are more affected by this than most.


2. Jollibee (Parody Account)

Some parties also just don’t care.


1. Tokyo Tokyo (Parody Account)

This is the part where they band against a common enemy.


What’s the funniest you’ve seen? Share them with us below!

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