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8 Gabby Honorable Mentions

By Eldrin Veloso

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In a recent faux pas, President Rodrigo Duterte mistakenly called out Gabby Concepcion while lashing out at ABS-CBN owner Gabby Lopez. While either Gabby hasn’t commented on this social gaffe, we could deduce that this was an honest mistake brought about in the heat of the moment. To prove that this name is ubiquitous and anyone can make this mistake, we’ve gathered other celebrities with the same name. Because it could have been any Gabby.

Gabby Eigenmann

Let’s start the list with actors like Gabby Concepcion. The only son of the late Mark Gil with actress Irene Celebre, Gabby Eigenmann’s recent credits include episode guestings in investigation-docudrama Imbestigador and a recurring role in GMA’s adaptation of My Love From The Star. Although, we can’t find a reason why the president would be mad at him, or be in his consciousness since we had to google him in making this list.


Gabby dela Merced

Then, we have the model-racecar driver Gabby Dela Merced. After a stint in Pinoy Big Brother, Dela Merced went on to become a celebrity in her own right–hosting her own TV show and doing a cameo role in a telenovela. But again, she didn’t make the cut, probably because she’s been out of the limelight for some time.


Gabby Roxas

For those who don’t know him, he is the Country Marketing Manager of Google Philippines (and a person we should thank for since we wouldn’t be able to make this list without the search engine) Why was he not mentioned by the president: you would think that having both Gabby and Roxas on your name would put you in this administration’s crosshair. But no, we do not have any proof that the president knows him. But in this day and age, that doesn’t mean it’s not true, right?


Gabby Alipe

Promise, we have plenty of Gabbys. Like this former Urbandub vocalist who debuted last year as a solo artist. We see no reason why the president would know him, though, other than the Urbandub’s song A Call To Arms. That’s rebellion, right?

Gabby Cantero

Who is he: Well, she is a professional food photographer who appears in the same list with BJ Pascual and Shaira Luna. Why isn’t she the one mentioned: the president probably don’t know her for the same reason you have.


Gabrielle Union

It’s not we’re running out of Gabbys, it’s just we want to go, uhm, international. Yes, this is a bit of a stretch but we know Gabby is how her husband Dwayne Wade calls her. But we have no idea why would the president mention the American actress, especially if she wouldn’t understand what a PI is. But hey, that did not stop the president for cursing an American before, right?


Gabbi Garcia


Hey, it’s the same pronounciation. You might know this 18-year old actress as Alena in GMA’s Encantadia reboot. Why wasn’t she the one mentioned by the president? Well, as we said, you might know her.


Gab V (Gab Valenciano)

Well, if your father’s Gary V… Ok, yes, we run out of famous Gabbys. Yes, what happened was a mistake. Public officials should always be careful when speaking in public.

At least our President is not Trump.


Who could he be referring to? Share with us your thoughts below!

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