Helpful Apps Perfect for Every Student Out There

By Kyzia Maramara

The weather is increasingly becoming rainy once again and we know what that means: the school year is about to begin! Start your new academic year strong by preparing; after all, it’s crucial that you condition your mind to excel from the beginning. Here are useful apps you can download on your phone to aid you in another year of studying.

Solving those math problems

Math doesn’t have to be too hard; it could be fun if done properly! Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help (Android, iOS) supports all math subjects including Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, etc., also Science, Chemistry, History, English, and more. It can help you solve your math homework by just taking a photo!

Photomath (Android, iOS) focuses only on solving math problems. You simply point your camera towards the math problem and it’ll provide you with easy step by step instructions.



Evernote (Android, iOS) might be the only note app you need in your entire school life. With it you can take notes, make to-do lists, add images, take photos of documents, and even sketch and make handwritten notes! Evernote also stores and syncs your files over multiple devices you can access anytime, anywhere.


Planners and agenda makers

Download ClassUp (Android, iOS) to organize your notes, manage classes, track tasks, and communicate with your classmates. ClassUp lets you design your unique schedule using different background images and also allows you to color code them with your notes.

My Study Life – School Planner (Android, iOS) isn’t your standard school calendar; it integrates all areas of your academic life and stores it in a cloud so you can get access from any device. At a glance, you can see an overview of your schedule and various tasks.

Create a personal assistant for your academic affairs with School (Android). Enter your class schedule, teacher names, and homework, and you’ll never forget a task! With a cute interface and fun-looking avatars, School can aid you well until the academic year ends.


Forest: Stay Focused

Addicted to your phone? Download Forest: Stay Focused (iOSAndroid); it lets you focus on the task at hand by making sure you won’t be distracted by your phone. Plant a seed in forest and wait for it to grow into a tree or a bush based on the time you chose. You can’t exit the app while the seed is being planted otherwise you’d end up with a forest of dead trees.


Get smart throughout the day

Take even a short time from your day to learn something new. TED (Android, iOS) lets you explore thousands of TED Talks by remarkable people you can watch no matter where you are. Get educated with podcasts, animated videos, and watch by topic and mood.

Curiosity (Android, iOS) encourages everybody to never stop learning. Their app grants you access to thousands of articles and videos that will let you get smarter about your world. Different topics from the science of space to the psychology of happiness are available for your reading pleasure.


Good Morning Alarm Clock


Get to track your sleeping habits and know how best to change them. With Good Morning Alarm Clock (Android, iOS), you’ll wake up to gentle and soothing alarm tunes that will make you feel energized throughout the day. Your phone’s built-in alarm can’t track your body’s sleep cycle and give you a statistic of your sleep analysis like this! You can also listen to a library of relaxing noise to let you fall asleep.



Scan anywhere with CamScanner (Android, iOS), a document scanning and sharing app. This app lets you take photos of paper documents for digitizing. It uses OCR (optical character recognition) to recognize texts from document images so it can be easily searchable in your phone. Scan your documents for back up in case you lose the hard copy!


Brain games for procrastination

There’s nothing more fun than playing a game and actually learning from it. Take advantage of technology and your phone’s huge memory through these apps:

Trick Test: Get Smart (Android, iOS) and Tricky Test: Genius Brain (Android, iOS) lets you solve puzzles and quizzes on-the-go that will tickle your brain. Lumosity (Android, iOS) is a brain game and cognitive training app that will put your logic, memory, and problem solving skills to the test.

It’ll always be useful to learn a new language even if it’s just the basics, it’ll challenge your brain and it might prove useful one day! Duolingo (Android, iOS) offers many languages you can learn for free! From learning Spanish to Swahili and Romanian, Duolingo can be the reason for your next procrastination.


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