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of the Best Avengers Infinity War

Interviews to Brighten Your Day

By Kyzia Maramara

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Almost two weeks after the movie premiered, the hype for Avengers Infinity War is obviously not yet over. There are questions to be answered, theories circling the internet, people mourning over the dead, and generally being sucked into the black hole that is MCU. If you’re done binge-watching all the 18 movies during the weekend (which we know you did), then maybe you’d want to spiral into watching Avengers interviews and fall in love with the actors in real life? Or are you already doing that?

In any case, if you’re in too deep in this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, a few more videos won’t hurt. I promise it’ll make you laugh and be glad how much of a family the cast is in and outside the movie.

1. James Corden and his Star Star Tours

James Corden acknowledges the lack of tours available for celebrities so he takes it upon himself to create his own tour, one that would take the stars to see coffee shops and go on comic book store stops. He even explains what ‘falling in line’ means.


2. The Avengers drawing the Avengers

The team isn’t only skilled in battle; they also have hidden talents up their sleeves, such as drawing Picasso-esque portraits of the characters they portray. Watch the other batches of Avengers here and here.


3. All the times Tom Holland gets roasted

It’s a universal fact that the youngest of any bunch is well-loved by everyone else and they show this affection through bullying. Tough, I know, but such is the laws of man and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t entertained one bit by Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky) roasting Tom Holland. It also doesn’t help that Tom Holland is an open person and, alongside Mark Ruffalo, is the most prone to giving spoilers. But we all know they’re doing this out of affection for the youngest member of the group.


4. A friendly (and very mundane) game of Family Feud

Who doesn’t like a little chaos especially if the Avengers cast are in it? In this video we find them playing a friendly game of Family Feud where we discover that the Russo brothers don’t know the rules to this game and that Chris Pratt and Anthony Mackie most certainly does. Although the video is half an hour, it’s a half hour where you get to watch the cast be themselves and have fun.

5. The trio of Mackie, Duke, and Stan

The trio we didn’t know we needed! Their chemistry off screen will just make you laugh, shake your head, and think to yourself “These fools.” They look like they get high just from being with each other, even Sebastian seems to get out of his shell whenever he’s with Anthony!


6. Knowing their Chrises

It’s an amusing fact that the Avengers cast has two Toms (Hiddleston, Holland), three Chrises (Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt), two Benedicts (Cumberbatch, Wong), and two Pauls (Bettany, Rudd) among them. Since they have an abundance of Chrises, how well do they know each individual? Can you even guess which Chris competed in Dancing with the Stars?


7. Reading Mean Tweets

Who doesn’t love Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segments? It shows how rude people can get and how actors get a good laugh out of it!


8. Guess the Avenger

From Guillermo’s handing out bonsai trees to shocking never before heard facts, this interview will leave you laughing hard. Can you guess which Avenger collects vitamins as a hobby?

Bonus: The Marvel Bunch


What’s your favorite Avengers interview? Share it with us below!

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