How to Save Up Money for Upcoming Concerts

By Kyzia Maramara

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If you haven’t noticed it yet, we are going to have quite a number of concerts and music festivals from big acts next year. It’s both a blessing and a curse though. The good news is we finally get a chance to see our favorites (and hope for others to be included in the 2018 concerts too), but the flip side is we’re quickly running out of means to see them! It also doesn’t help that a week after the initial announcement, ticket selling starts!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to not bawl out and be actually prepared for once when they do announce your favorite artist? So here are ways you can save your money to see your favorite acts live.

1. Sell your pre-loved clothes or unused items online

Hold an online garage sale from items you rarely use. Check out online shops like Carousell where you can sell your pre-loved clothes.


2. Figure out what you can do in your free time and sell your own projects

Some people have hobbies and passions that aren’t in line with their current job. If you feel like you can do a passion project in your free time, why not give it a try? It could be writing quotes in pretty calligraphy or being a reseller of certain kinds of goods. It wouldn’t be a burden to you because you’ll enjoy doing it plus you benefit money from it! A win-win situation.


3. Engage in money challenges

Saving up money requires a determined mindset. It requires discipline and self-restraint. If you are going to try your luck with money challenges, you have to stick to what’s required of you otherwise you cave in and all your hard work will go down the drain. Here’s a list of 7 money challenges you can do.

Follow it religiously! If it makes it any easier, put your money in piggy banks that don’t have keys in them so you can resist the temptation to open it.


4. Create a budget

And stick to it. It’s about time as a decent human being that you stick to a budget you’ve been planning for a long time. Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you have to live a life of black-and-white, if done right, you’ll have enough money to buy the things you want to every now and then because it fits in the budget.

5. Cut back on eating meals outside, bring your food to work

This is another win-win situation if done right. Don’t reason out that you’re too lazy to prepare food before going to work! Preparing your lunch could be done weekly or daily but regardless, it’s a good practice. It’ll exercise your culinary skills and at the same time your budgeting when grocery shopping. Also, it’ll save you from all the expensive unhealthy food you’re used to.


6. Pass up gym or yoga membership

You can always opt for exercising home with the aid of YouTube tutorials. Gym and yoga memberships are wasted most often because of the ever-changing schedule of workers.


7. Never succumb to impulse buying

Resist the temptation whispering in your ear that you need to buy this dress or that gadget. Easier said than done, right? Here’s a tip for you, the next time you walk at a store and feel the glowing red desire to impulsively buy something, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really need it? Would it cripple me if I didn’t have it?
  • How many jeepney fares am I wasting if I buy this right now?
  • Will I die if I don’t buy this?

Work out a decision from your answers.


8. Be wise and take advantage of resources

You can’t properly survive this world without a little wit and strategy in life. Save up a lot of money by skipping your daily visit to the café and making your own coffee in the office pantry. Take advantage of your office WiFi and let your phone data rest. It’s also time to take advantage of the discount coupons you may happen to have.

You might be thinking “All of this just for a ticket?” and the answer to that is yes. Yes, nothing is impossible for a loyal fan who wants to see his favorite artist in the flesh. And if you’re having doubts of doing this, remember that all the announced 2018 Philippine concerts are just for half of next year, there will be more to come!


What other tips do you have in saving money? Share it with us below!

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