How to Shut Down Your Haters

According to Kris Aquino

By Blair Perez

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This week had us grabbing our popcorns as Kris Aquino displayed some dirty laundry (a little lot more than we expected) on social media regarding her ex-husband, James Yap.

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Yup, she did THAT.

Things got a little out of control when Yap and his new family were featured in the latest episode of Rated K, a lifestyle show hosted by Korina Sanchez. Aquino was triggered by the particular episode, causing her to lash out on Instagram. Kris and Korina once hosted a morning show together, and they both supported the same political party in the recent Presidential elections.

i have really had ENOUGH. Simple lang- minsan lang akong pinakiusapan ng kapatid ko- never para sa sarili nya pero para sa kandidatong inendorso nya. Dahil mahal ko sya ginawa ko. Lahat ng batikos ng dahil sa pagtulong na yon tinaggap ko… Tatlong beses akong nagpunta sa Davao- sa kampanya nung 2010, kampanya 2013 para kay Sen Chiz & Sen Grace at nung nag Kris Tv. Si PRRD lahat nung pagkakataon na nagkaharap kami, mabuti ang pinakita sa kin. Sampal sa mukha ko ang inilabas na feature ngayong gabi nung misis ni Mar Roxas. Yes pinepersonal ko dahil binuwis ko ang kinabukasan namin ng mga anak ko ng walang inasahang kapalit. At ang ganti sa kin at sa mga anak ko ngayon ay binida pa ang deadbeat na tatay… I apologize sa Kuya ko, humihingi rin ako ng paumanhin sa ninang ko na nanay ni Mar- pero klarong klaro sa kin kung bakit ang nanalong Pangulo ay si DUTERTE. 👊

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Kris both got praised and bashed for this social media side show. Regardless of how one felt about this recent outburst, she’s definitely the crowned Queen of Talk. In the end, she still wins, anyway. (Plot twist: she apologized after.)

Let’s take a look at the Kris Aquino social media playbook, and see why she is unstoppable:

8. Give them a “free tutorial”

Your haters can use your own tactics against you, but remind them who’s the OG. Show them how it’s done.


7. Don’t forget to use hashtags

How to add fuel to the fire? You can never go wrong with the right hashtag. Burn level: Today’s temperature. #LookWhatYouMadeHerDo


6. Put some (political) color in the proceedings

Another lesson from the Kris Aquino playbook is to be transparent, maybe even employ the help of the winner’s circle. Nothing’s permanent, right?


5. Remind everyone you’re still relevant

When fighting someone like Kris Aquino, be ready as she’ll give you a refresher course on how popular she is.

4. Sarcastic emojis

One of the best ways to burn down your haters? A sweet emoji after shutting them down.


3. Upload a video with a Taylor Swift background

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The fire ain’t burning yet?  Give them a show they can’t resist watching—with complete visuals and killer background music.


2. Show them that you’re #blessedt

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Show them that no matter how much they send you hate comments, you’re still living the best life. After all, they hate you ‘cause they ain’t you. #blessedt


1. Don’t forget to plug your sponsors!

As one tweet said, “The devil works hard, but Kris Aquino works harder.”


What do you think of Kris Aquino’s clap backs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. One of these days her children will suffer the same fate as hers. She can tolerate but her children wont. It’s time for her to live her life in private and out of the limelight.Ever since then,she always wanted attention but in these days,it’s convulsively annoying and she sounds like a grumpy old woman in Driving Miss Daisy.

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