How and Where to Watch
“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

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Christmas came early this year for the loyal followers of Star Wars. Every fan is freaking about the seventh episode, The Force Awakens, finally arriving in cinemas tomorrow. While December 17 is the movie’s official arrival in the Philippines, there are actually a few cinemas already showing it today! Whether you’re part of this craze or not, there’s surely someone in your life that’s a die-hard Star Wars fan, so help that person out!

Star Wars is only going to be in theaters until December 23 to make way for the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. It’s going to be back in cinemas on January 8 next year, but it’s already very challenging to snatch tickets. Here are tips for how and where to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens before it’s too late (aka when the Internet is infested with spoilers)!

How Much to Prepare

If you plan on watching in non-blocked screening cinemas today, prepare to shell out P450 to P550. Don’t worry, that’s not the regular price of Star Wars tickets. Starting tomorrow, tickets will be priced P230 to P330 with Market Market being the cheapest and Solenad being the most expensive.

The Best Timing

7 or 7:30 pm is the crowd-favorite showing time, so avoid this. Most cinemas are already sold out for this time slot today. You have better chances with showing times on or before 6pm and on or after 9pm.

Block screenings

Pull out all your connections and research your hardest for tickets to block screenings. These screenings are a little harder to find, but the awesome movie comes with special surprises and take-home goodies.

Sisters Secrets organized two block screenings both in Resorts World Manila. One is for tomorrow, December 17, at 8:30pm. They have another one on December 19, Saturday, at 5pm. To reserve seats, email or call (02) 5010029 or 09178344978.  Check out this and this post for more details.


Use your HSBC, Visa or Metrobank card when you pay for your Star Wars tickets, and you’ll get a chance to win a trip to California for two. It’s gonna be challenging to buy tickets, so might as well make it more productive by joining these promos.

How to Prepare if You’ve Never Seen a Star Wars Movie

Try your hardest not to throw tomatoes, cyber bully or bitch stare the people in your lives whom haven’t watched a single Star Wars movie. Instead, educate them!

For the newbies, you have several choices how to watch the Star Wars episodes. You can watch the six episodes in chronological order or according to how the episodes were originally released (4-5-6-1-2-3). If you can only bear to watch one, listen to Star Wars fans and watch episode 5—The Empire Strikes Back. For those who just want the comfort of chick flicks, watch episode 4—A New Hope. You’ll have to sit through science fiction also, but you can look forward to watching a love triangle story unfold.

What to Wear

Don’t be afraid to look the part. If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, then show it to the world. If it’ll be your first time to watch a Star Wars episode, then pretend to be part of the craze. How? Wear these awesome last-minute Star Wars costumes, and be the head-turner in every crowded mall you’ll try to get tickets from.

Where to Watch it during MMFF

Come December 24, cinemas will be cleared of Star Wars to make way for the MMFF films. If you’re part of unlucky few that will be watching the seventh episode at this time, catch it in IMAX theaters at SM Malls: Aura Premier (Taguig), Mall of Asia (Pasay), South Mall (Las Pinas), North EDSA (Quezon City), Clark (Pampanga), Cebu and Lanang Premier (Davao).

Where to Watch it TODAY!

Yes, you still have the chance to watch it today! According to Sure Seats, there are still Star Wars tickets for today in the following cinemas: Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Market Market, Trinoma, Fairview Terraces and Greenbelt. Seats in Greenbelt are almost sold out, though. Cinemas outside Manila are showing Star Wars today, too! Those include Ayala Center Cebu, Abreeza (Davao), Harbor Point (Subic), and Centrio (Cagayan de Oro).

How about you? How do you plan on watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens ASAP? Share your tips below!


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