There’s a new meaning for ‘Yanny’

Internet Debates

that Divided the World

and Ended Friendships

By Kyzia Maramara

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Before you accuse your friend as guilty of being an uncultured swine, a psychopath, a serial killer, and every other mad accusation you could think of, you might want to remember that this isn’t the first time this has happened. There have been a lot of internet disputes where we were forced to take sides and debate with our own kin. Don’t you see what’s happening? The internet is turning us against each other!

Let’s take a look back at 8 issues that got their internet fame and drove everybody wild (some even until now).

1. Was he saying Yanny or Laurel?

Let’s get this out of the way first. Was the voice saying Yanny or was it saying Laurel? The debate is hot and the debaters furious with this audio version of The Dress. They say only psychopaths hear Laurel! Or, what kind of person hears Yanny? But surprise surprise, there are people who hear both names being said at the same time.

There’s an explanation but if this were somehow Thanos’s way of reducing the human population, #TeamYanny and #TeamLaurel would have died and #TeamYannyLaurel would have been left to conquer the world.

But who are we kidding, IT SAID YANNY. Fite me.


2. What color is The Dress?

Flashback to 2015 when we woke up one day and found the internet on fire and half of the world thinking they’re colorblind. The Dress is still one of the biggest pop culture debates that nobody will be forgetting anytime soon. I hope the genius who thought of posting that is happy with all the friendships he/she ended.


3. Is pineapple on pizza acceptable?

Anti-pineapple-on-pizza activists argue that warm and soggy pineapples don’t deserve to be put on top of a heavenly slice of cheese pizza. What a disgrace, they say. What kind of sick person would love that? And yet, I don’t see the Hawaiian pizza flavor disappearing from the menu of all pizza places. That’s because pineapple and pizza deserve each other and if you don’t accept that, then order something else.


4. Which should come first: the cereal or the milk? And do you prefer your cereal crispy or soggy?

Growing up in the Philippines, we aren’t really used to cereals for breakfast. We’ve always had our abundance of pan de sals, silogs, and boiled eggs, but on the occasion that we do eat cereal, how do we eat it? Putting milk first won’t guarantee that the cereal you put is in proportion with the milk. Putting cereal first makes the cereal absorb the milk better and therefore taste better. But hey, you’re entitled to your wrong practices.

5. Is this shoe pink and gray or blue and white?

It might be a lighting issue for this one, but it still divided the world! This comes after all the stress we’ve been through with the then-recent Dress issue. This shoe photo has made us rethink life, our health, our sanity, and our friends.


6. How I Met Your Mother vs. Friends

These two sitcoms have a lot of similarities; from the characters, the plot of multiple episodes, to the jokes. Both feature great friendships, career adventures, and the pitfalls and success of dating, and they both made us laugh hard and also cry occasionally. Some argue that the series finale of the 9-season HIMYM failed to deliver, while the series finale of the 10-season Friends satisfied all viewers and made them feel that all the characters had good and happy endings.

Whatever your decision is, it’s good to remember that while they have striking similarities, they are two different sitcoms. It’s okay to love both. I know I do.


7. #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty

Taylor’s Instagram story screen caption. It clearly says “Dear old friend.”

Although a few days ago Taylor and Katy seem to have ended their feud with Katy supposedly giving Taylor a present, we can’t deny that it still happened. The two had disagreements over John Mayer, and over a group of dancers, and then they wrote revenge songs for each other. It does indeed seem as if we’re at the dawn of a new era when we watched Taylor’s Instagram stories, but for the sake of argument, which side were you on?


8. Could Jack really have fit on that board with Rose?

The answer will always be yes. Excuse me while I cry for him.


Take your side and share it with us below!

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