It’s “Camp Rock”’s

10th Anniversary Today,

and We Still Have Questions

About It

By Therese Aseoche

Happy 10th Anniversary to the movie that launched Demi Lovato’s career, created rock anthems that shaped our rebellious preteen life, and made us want to marry a Jonas Brother — Camp Rock!

It’s hard to imagine how long it’s been since we belted out “This Is Me” with our High School classmates, and Camp Rock stars are also tweeting like a storm in nostalgia:

But looking back at the Disney movie now, we realize that there are a lot of things about it that are pretty questionable; here are some of them:

Did Mitchie’s parents really decide to work as cooks at Camp Rock just so she could attend?

I mean, we know parents will do anything for their kid, but is this honestly worth the sacrifice? Furthermore, it begs the question…

Did Mitchie really not want to sing at Camp Rock even after her parents sacrificed a lot just to bring her there?

Girl, they are working their butts off cooking for these whiny teenagers just so you can flirt with Shane Gray; you have no right to act all shy and scared at Camp when you so badly wanted to go.

If she’s so shy, why would she lie about her mom just to hang out with the cool kids?

Maybe if she didn’t want to embarrass herself that bad, she wouldn’t have gone to Camp Rock in the first place.

Can her DJ friend really DJ?

I mean, I don’t go out to party, but at least I know what sick beats sound like.

Shane Grey was such a diva; who would honestly think he was a likeable person?

He’s mean, he yells at people, and he only turns nice when somebody compliments him. In High School, we steered clear of people like him no matter how popular they were. Or is that kind of attitude “cool” because he was a handsome rockstar? C’mon, kids, you’re better than that.

Does no one really notice her working in the kitchen?

I mean, there’s a girl with the same build, same fashion sense, same brown flowy hair, and she’s hiding behind a huge bag of nachos. And with the number of kids at Camp Rock, you can’t tell us that there’s not a single person who has not seen Mitchie enter the kitchen dozens of times during the day.

Why would Brown Cessario ban two kids from a big camp event for “stealing a charm bracelet”?

If this was normal camp, all they’d get as punishment would be a call to the parents. Seriously, it’s just some pompous white teen’s bracelet!

Does no one find it creepy how biased Brown is towards Mitchie?

He seriously just said “the finger picked her” when asking for volunteers (when she didn’t even volunteer), and he gave her the entire stage to perform at the Final Jam. Sketchyyy.

What are your memories about Camp Rock? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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