8 Reasons James Deakin

Needed to Ride

with Bongbong Marcos

By Tim Henares

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Nation, it seems people are very quick to react adversely whenever they see Bongbong Marcos flanking anyone, anything. It’s almost like the man has a reverse Midas touch, tarnishing anything he touches instead of turning it into gold, even with amnesia sweeping the country and, well, all that family fortune.

Nonetheless, plenty of people were shocked when they saw this picture on their timelines the other day:

Road triiiiiip!!!

How’d this happen?  We have absolutely no idea! But no need for all this outrage; there are perfectly plausible reasons why Marcos is riding in a car with James Deakin, Brandon Vera, and Architect Jun Palafox.

A new webshow?

What’ll they call it? “Riding In Cars With…“?

Via giphy


City planning

You can’t deny that Deakin’s traffic solutions, Palafox’s city organization ideas, and BBM’s lengthy political experience can come together for the benefit of the Filipino people. Those three guys know a thing or two when it comes to alleviating the issues of urbanization we encounter right now.

So what’s Brandon Vera doing there? Oh, y’know. You gotta have a police state or something to go with all this, right? He’s the muscle.


Carpool Karaoke

So what would they be singing in that car?


They were on their way to see friends

This was November last year, but maybe they want second servings.


They were on their way to apply as TNVS

And it would be in keeping with the spirit of public service and being an objective journalist.


Maybe other resource persons are busy

Maybe Senator Grace Poe, who regularly conducts hearings on MRT woes as Chair of the Committee on Public Services, and Senator Manny Pacquiao, who heads the Senate Committee on Public Works, are busy with other things.


Let’s have @SuperstarMarian take this one…

Makes sense, right? Who better to ask about human rights, than the foremost expert?


They’re scheduling an MMA bout between Brandon Vera and BBM

It’s tiiiime!

That way, we can finally say with conviction that Bongbong Marcos is fighting The Truth. As he has been, his whole life.


What do you think was his reason? Tell us below!

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