[buffer by= [buffer by= "10px 45px 15px 45px”]delicacy that Pampanga is well known for is taba ng talangka or pure fat from tiny crabs. To describe this as rich in flavor is an understatement. Pure taba ng talangka sautéed in lots of garlic then squeezed with some calamansi or lemon juice mixed with hot steaming rice while eating with ones bare hand is the best way to enjoy this.  Another funky way of savoring this is by cooking it with pasta and prawns.  If I may suggest try stuffing prawns with taba ng talangka, then top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese and bake a la prawns thermidor. Or cook those huge coconut crabs in taba ng talangka for a double dose of hearty crab fat.




Lorraine Timbol, also known as LT, former culinary consultant for Unilever and EIC of Appetite Magazine is a frustrated actress who managed to get into bit roles at the tender age of 40. She is now comfortably in her element as a freelance food stylist and food writer, teaching Cohen cooking on the side.

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  1. no offense…sisig is already around before aling lucing’s sisig crossing. it is most popular kareng mag inuman as pulutan and not a regular dish. sisig is a very especial pulutan then because it is made out of dog’s grilled skin, brain and liver seasoned with calamansi, finely chopped onion, ground pepper, toyo and minced siling labuyo, original sisig is not served with hot plate. i find aling mely’s of dolores san fernando pork sisig more authentic than aling lucing.

  2. Basta ing baluku,itamung kapampngan manyaman mgluto kareng lahat..kaya pin itamu ing culinary capital dahil mangamanyaman ing lutu tamu.am proud to be pampangena.eku dagul makanini kung eku mnyaman magluto.amana ming mgkakapatad ing pamagluto kang apong Barang at IMA mi..especially Ku ing dinuguan at sisig…:-)..ing tutung sisig atin yang utak babi.pero syempre secret Ku kung makananu yang hahalo..mas malinamnam ya ing sisig pag atin utak babi

    1. Tidtad
      Suam Mais
      Sipo egg
      Formula ( sikat iang pulutan iti, pisamut samut a bacon, sibuyas, cheese, paminta kaui, ketchup ampong mayonnaise)
      Suam Ebun

      Reng lalaking pane miminum alak, uling miparatut la keng mapaglutung maniaman, ania keng laue ku mas maniaman lang maglutu….

  3. Although I agree with your list, I have to respectfully correct you on how sisig is made. You’re pretty much spot on except it was never fried and does not include pig brain. Growing up (in the 80’s) near where it made Aling Lucing a sensation and watched them make it many times, the only other additive that I can remember to make it “creamier” is banana ketchup. Gives it another dimension in taste but even then I’m a purist. Mayo and egg(s)? No. Just no.

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