The Kontrabida Mom has been a staple of Filipino television, and one that just kept evolving throughout its existence. From the one-dimensional villains who did nothing except antagonize the hero or heroine of the story to today’s multi-faceted yet sympathetic antihero, there is so much depth to the Kontrabida Mom precisely because once a relationship as dear as motherhood comes into play, caricatures really become the norm less and less.

Here are some of the more notable Kontrabida Moms in recent memory, and how they changed the game in their own ways…


Victoria Amarillo is the epitome of a relentless villain with a one-track mind, all for the sake of her own family. Not only did she steal Ysabella’s mom’s recipe for Chicken Inasal, she even resorted to frustrated murder and a grand cook-off against Judy Ann Santos all for the sake of a freaking recipe. No, really.

Unique Selling Point: The shallowest motivation you will ever see in the modern age, yet it still unbelievably works because this is Coney Reyes we’re talking about. On camera.


Stella Quintana could have been your typical mom villain who thinks nobody is ever good enough for her daughter, especially not someone who isn’t rich enough. Could have been. Lynette Quintana (Donna Cruz) really has it hard when her own mom wants to make sure that her one true love never gets past the front door.

Unique Selling Point: There’s a paint-by-the-numbers performance, and then there’s a Star-Awards winning performance, as brought about by Isabel Rivas. Nothing like adding a touch of class to an archetype, eh?


Barbara Tengco is the mother of Dino Tengco (Anjo Yllana). She’s self-obsessed, and cares more about her drugs and alcohol and her vanity than the fact that her son is a veritable psychopath.

Unique Selling Point: The only villain from a sitcom in this lineup, Barbara Tengco is a spot-on representation of the Imeldific wife of a politician. Every single time we laugh at her antics, she reminds us that those antics aren’t particularly funny when it happens in real life and our taxes are involved.


Corazon Berenguer is the kind of villain who seems to be driven by love, despite the horrific things she’s capable of. Her son, JB Berenguer (Sam Milby), and this remarkable bond between mother and son transcends traditional hero-villain assignments.

Unique Selling Point: Corazon means “heart” in Spanish, and this complex villain certainly reflects a heart that is yearning to love and be loved in return. For happiness for her family. She makes the difficult, morally repugnant choices so that her son doesn’t have to.


Dona Trini is perhaps infamous as being a supporting villain who is even more intimidating than the main bad guy and her son in the show, Theo Bragana (Tirso Cruz III) It’s no surprise that one of the most cathartic moments of the series was her karmic demise.

Unique Selling Point: Odette Khan didn’t break the mold for the villainous mom archetype because she set it. Before anyone else, and even before Valiente itself, Odette Khan’s ability to make us hate every little thing she does is something she has honed over decades.


“Memorable” does not even begin to describe Claudia Buenavista. As Yna’s adoptive mother, she seems to have no redeeming qualities, except for the many creative ways she has of reminding everybody that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Unique Selling Point: If you ever want a villain who knew how to raise the stakes, Claudia was precisely what the doctor ordered.


Who knew that Jaclyn Jose could shift between heroine and villain with so much ease? The mom of the Carbonel brood was a villain who was relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things. Her performance as the matriarch who had a unique way with her words was so memorable, her character ended up making a crossover appearance in “My Husband’s Lover.” That’s not something any other Kontrabida Mom can just boast about.

Unique Selling Point: Despite being an antagonist of sorts, Dona Charito actually brings some levity to the scenes she’s in because people are on the lookout for whatever brilliant and cutting quip she has up her sleeve next.


It takes exceptional talent for people to forget that you’re the real life daughter of the late
Helen Vela, who is practically revered as a saint in show business, but Princess Punzalan’s quintessential performance in Mula Sa Puso accomplished just that.

Unique Selling Point: Before a female Terminator ever came along, Selina fit the bill with the unbelievable number of times she cheated death. Nowadays, it’s cliche to throw acid at someone’s face if your name isn’t Harvey Dent, but Selina worked it like nobody else. And yes, despite all this over the top evil, her daughter, Nicole (Anna Larrucea), doesn’t have a single bad thing to say about Selina as a mother.


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