Ladies, Beware:

8 Things They Teach

at PUA Academy

By Tim Henares

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By now, some of you might have heard about PUA Academy, and how rape-y they happen to be. You’re not mistaken: people do indeed pay upwards of 80,000 Pesos to learn from these people, and these people are the absolute low.

Most defenders of Pickup Artistry will tell you that the techniques used in PUA develop self-confidence, character, social skills, and aims at having men “leave women better than they found them.” While all that sounds nice on paper, in practice, we are instead treated to so-called field and lay reports that detail a PUA’s sexual exploits in lurid detail, with photos and/or video evidence to prove their stories, obviously without the consent of the ladies they sleep with.

Disgusted netizens have taken to the internet to decry and denounce the most popular group at the moment, PUA Academy, but without ever really getting into the community, it would be hard to know just how damaging these teachings can be, not just for the would-be Pickup Artist’s future victims, but even for the Pickup Artist himself.

Here are 8 things they teach over there, and in pretty much any PUA boot camp that purports to help average frustrated chumps, or AFC’s for short.

They teach that sex is owed of men.

There is an inherently misogynistic idea beneath the notion that because women (supposedly) manipulate men, then men are just as entitled to manipulate them back. There’s an obvious problem here, because what PUA’s generally label as “manipulation” is what common society simply refers to as “lack of interest.”

Look at it this way: if an average-looking lady crossed a PUA’s path, would they genuinely give her the time of day if she were only a five (out of ten, because rating women’s looks the way you would grade your meat is totally not misogynistic at all)? Obviously not. But they expect their nines and tens to give them all of the attention, because PUA.


They teach that celibacy is a bad thing.

A common term that has come up in recent men’s rights sites is “incel,” short for “involuntary celibate.” This is to say that a man’s self-worth is tied to the number of women he has slept with, and virginity is a curse. Seeing as society also teaches women to tie their self-worth to virginity until they’re married, then we have an obvious problem here.

Celibacy isn’t bad. Sometimes, people can be totally fine with not having sex, even for extended periods of time. Some people are even genuinely asexual, meaning sex, as unbelievable as this sounds, holds no interest to them!

Having sex isn’t bad, either. The sooner we stop demonizing people for having sex (especially women), the less likely we’re going to ask if someone was “secretly asking for it” after he or she gets raped by somebody.


They teach what is pretty much normal human interaction – but instill an agenda behind it.


Contrary to what PUA Academy says, THIS, is what they REALLY TEACH at PUA ACADEMY!!! Grooming sexual predators.

“Gusto nila nagpapaforce.” – Smooth, CEO of PUA Academy

React and Share! LET US CONTINUE TO EXPOSE this insitution that empowers men to sexually harass, and even rape women. Many victims have stepped forward. Refer to other posts on the Youth Against Sexual Harassment page for more evidence. We cannot be silenced.

Snippet grabbed from one of their workshop videos uploaded on Smooth’s page. The privacy setting of this video from his page is set to public.

Posted by Marlina Santiago Carlos on Monday, April 2, 2018

When they talk about social dynamics and break down how these dynamics work, when PUA’s discuss conversations and how one should direct a conversation, all they’re really doing is dissecting normal human interaction, but injecting it with a sinister, underlying agenda – all of this is to get laid, nothing more. Every line, every joke, every interaction is just a building block to your next conquest. Just another notch on your bedpost, as it were.

The minute you look at women as vending machines who dispense sex once you put enough money (or time, or effort, or affection) into them is the moment you realize that you literally just objectified her. And now, you just learned something that’s worth 80,000 Pesos. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you.


They teach men that “no” doesn’t actually mean “no.”

Smooth, CEO of PUA Academy, eloquently put it as a guy who calls himself “Smooth” is wont to do: “gusto nila nagpapaforce.” PUA techniques are all about managing that push and pull, so that you can turn that “no” into a reluctant “sige na nga,” all without thinking if you just psychologically bullied a woman into having sex with you. Which, again, objectifies the other party, because that’s a woman, not a sex doll.

For the 80,000 Pesos PUA Academy is charging, you can probably afford a really good sex doll instead, and we wouldn’t judge if that’s what you did with your money. That’s still a lot better than harming another person.

They teach reverse psychology to a frightening degree.

Ever heard of “negging?” It’s when someone pays you a compliment that’s actually a bit backhanded in hindsight, or maybe puts you down mildly, if only to make it seem like you, the lady who’s meant to be pursued, isn’t actually being pursued by the PUA, despite all the attention he’s already lavished on you so far in approaching you and your group, in having a (usually) canned opener line that got your conversation started, and maybe the magic trick or two he’s now performing just for you. PUA has taught men that being the “nice guy” doesn’t work, but being an asshole will.

When they manipulate a woman to question her self-worth, or at least present themselves as a challenge, they go all “Inception” on the lady and make it seem like she is the one with something to conquer, when it’s always been the other way around. This is, of course, after making sure that they’ve demonstrated their higher values, and made it seem like they are available only for a limited time. Now, you just have to give your number to him, and you just have to see him one more time to see what makes him tick.

It sounds cute and all, until you realize they’ve done that to 19 different women in the bar just in the last two hours, and a few of you are feeling all those same feelings right now. It’s not about you: it’s about the fact that you’re a woman they want to sleep with, and who you are as a person has zip to do with that.

And yes, while sometimes, that’s precisely what a one night stand is all about, the best ones normally involve full knowledge and disclosure on both sides that this is what it’s all about, but the PUA is taught to make it seem like it’s anything but that. They’re taught to make it seem like there’s something more behind that.

Unfortunately, they’re not taught exactly what’s behind that. At all. They’re taught all the flash, but none of the substance. They’re taught how to take you to bed, and that this is the only important thing. Therein lies the problem.


They teach that women need to be seduced to want anybody, as if women have no agency whatsoever.

PUA apologists don’t believe that things like basic human decency and self-respect should stop you from doing everything you can, regardless if you come across as a caveman or a swindler, so long as you get what you want.

The problem is, people, whether men or women, just generally like being treated like people. And none of that is a guarantee for sex, because human interaction wasn’t built solely for that purpose, contrary to what PUA Academy insists on browbeating into their customers. And just like you wanting to date a woman or not wanting to date her, women also have that agency, precisely because like you, they’re people.

If PUA stopped at teaching you how to look more presentable and teaching you how to socialize, the world would be such a better place. Unfortunately, that’s obviously not the case.


They teach peacocking.


This is usually the part where we scream for someone to “kill it with fire!”

This man is known as “Mystery.” And just like Smooth, he is also a very infamous PUA, who has made a name for himself. You might have heard of him if you’ve ever come across the book by Neil Strauss, titled “The Game.”

One of the techniques Mystery swears by is “Peacocking,” or wearing stuff that makes them stand out in a crowd, though not necessarily in a good way.

When everyone in the crowd looks like an idiot, wouldn’t looking like an actual human being instead be the smart choice?

“It’s a conversation starter and makes you memorable,” they would reason. “But you look like a douchebag serial killer,” we would counter.


They teach people things that actually work. Sometimes. We think.

Do these “techniques” work all the time? Obviously not. But they’ve made it so that it’s your fault if these techniques don’t work, not the technique’s fault. They’ve made it so that if you don’t get laid after all of this effort, there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. It’s not that women generally don’t like the idea of being guilted into sex: it’s that you are the problem. See what we mean about PUA techniques being harmful to both parties?

And therein lies the deepest problem with the PUA culture: in turning seduction into a game, they have sold you on the idea that your prowess at changing a woman’s mind about sleeping with you is a great thing, and not a prelude to a rape lawsuit. And lest you think we’re being very cavalier about our usage of the word, we are decidedly not. Our current laws on rape and voyeurism cover a lot of the very things PUA Academy insists men should be doing: not taking “no” for an answer, and posting pictures and videos of sexual exploits without the express consent of all parties involved. They have taken a very positive thing, teaching human and social interaction, and twisted it into a tool to getting laid, consequences be damned.

Remember Neil Strauss from earlier on? Like Mystery, he also became a skilled PUA. (Un)surprisingly, he has all but denounced that phase of his life, now focusing on being a happily married husband and father. Calling the online PUA community “wounded,” “hurtful,” and “damaged,” does it not seem strange that perhaps the man who helped make PUA a thing over a decade ago now realizes that there is something fundamentally broken about it?



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