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Songs That Feel

Like Summer

By Kyzia Maramara

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There’s always a perfect song for what exactly it is you are feeling at the moment. There’s a song for when you’re in love, angry, happy, trippy, and songs to get you in the mood for summer. And because you just know that your summer 2018 will be full of adventures, why not pin all your memories to a song, or 8 for that matter?

Have fun listening and happy summer everybody!

1. Honolulu – Last Dinosaurs

Australian indie rock band Last Dinosaurs released their debut studio album In a Million Years in 2012 which included “Honolulu” as the 10th track. From the opening riff of this song you know you’ll love it right away and although the lyrics might be a bit on the sad side (I’ll teach you what you need to know/ Till the day that I finally go/ My love will forever grow), you could still unapologetically dance to it and we won’t judge.


2. J-Boy – Phoenix

French band Phoenix is probably one of the oldest and best indie pop bands still on tour today. If you didn’t catch them live in Manila for their second concert here last August, or their first concert back in 2014, then I hate to say it but you missed out on a lot.

“J-Boy” is one of their singles from their released album Ti Amo, and it sounds magical – there’s no other way to describe it. The synths are so good that if it’s your first time listening, it might blow your mind. Picture you during the sweltering summer days walking by the beach hand in hand with your girl or boy and this song plays. Can’t a scene get any more perfect than that?

Also, “J-Boy” stands for Just Because Of You.


3. Way It Goes – Hippo Campus

The music video might show a group of friends trekking in the snow but that just shows this song is appropriate for any type of weather! Hippo Campus is an indie rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota; they’re different from the scientific hippo campus (part of the brain) and the hippo campus (seahorse like creature) Percy Jackson rode to sea.

Sure, you might not understand what they’re saying for the first few listens, it’s just an excuse to loop this song on your phone the entire day! It also doesn’t hurt that they’re a group of well looking young lads. Wink wink.


4. Settled – The Ransom Collective

Every song from Filipino indie band The Ransom Collective is perfect for summer but this one especially. It’ll get you in the mood looking forward to your planned vacations with friends and family. It’ll make you feel like summer is laid out in front of you, ready for whatever you have in mind whether it’s a trip to the beach or just hanging out at the park not having a care in the world.

Coupled with such a cute travel music video, “Settled” will be one of your next favorite summer songs, if it isn’t already! Listen to more of The Ransom Collective here.

5. Million Bucks – Smallpools

You might want to look for the censored version of this song, but it’ll still be a gem in your summer playlist. American indie band Smallpools brings all the summer feels with them with “Million Bucks”, a song said to be about Los Angeles, but, come on, it could easily be about that special someone you want to spend summer 2018 with–the one person whom you’d feel like a million bucks with.


6. Feels Like Summer – Panama Wedding

The song title itself sets the feeling for this chill masterpiece. “Feels Like Summer” is off synthpop Panama Wedding’s Parallel Play EP. It’s preceded by three tracks also worth listening to if you want to spend an afternoon of chill music. It’s a fitting example of a song with a great tune but with somewhat of a dark twist in lyrics since the first few lines of the song are about a murder, which has happened in real life mind you. I’ll leave it up to you to interpret the whole thing.


7. Ghosts – B I G S L E E P

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is The 1975 singing as their former band name B I G S L E E P. One of the hidden gems in YouTube is their song “Ghosts”, which feature the boys singing in lead singer Matty’s room. Picture going on a road trip with your friends, windows down, and this song blasting on the speakers, what kind of adventure awaits? And in case you can’t understand a bloody word Matty is singing (as usual), here are the lyrics.


8. Lifted Up (1985) – Passion Pit

Honestly, can Passion Pit write bad songs? The answer is no. And this is why their third studio album Kindred is pure perfection and a blessing to the ears. “Lifted Up” had the year 1985 because it’s the year lead singer Michael Angelako’s ex-wife Kristina Mucci was born. Thus, the sweet cliché lyrics of ‘1985 was a good year/ The sky broke apart then you appeared/ Dropped from the heavens, they call me a dreamer/ I won’t lie, I knew you would belong here.

The song would fit perfectly for that summer vacation music video you know you’re going to make!


Which song is your favorite? Got any more songs to add? Share it with us below!

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