Millennial Pink Kicks

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By Therese Aseoche

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Pantone’s announcement of “Greenery” as the 2017 Color of the Year was a noble effort, but we all know that “Millennial Pink” is the true color of the year. This shade of pink has taken the world by storm, and it’s a trend that won’t seem to go away anytime soon — not when it’s made its way to our clothing.

If you’ve been refusing to buy new shoes, these kicks in Millennial Pink will tempt you into finally making that purchase.

Melissa BE

They’re pink, cute, and stylish. Plus, they’re waterproof — perfect for the rainy season!


Adidas Gazelle in Vapor Pink

Millennial Pink has found a home in the Adidas Originals in these simple leathery early 90s-style sneakers.


Nike Classic Cortez

Want a touch of Millennial Pink in your active wear? These Nikes exude comfort, functionality, and style — enough to make heads turn towards your feet while you’re jogging.


Reebok Classic Leather Pastel

These all-pink sneaks will definitely soothe your Millennial Pink-obsessed soul.

Puma Vikky Slip-On Canvas

Via Puma

Trust these feminine slip-ons to go great with whatever you wear!


Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool

Via Notey

Kick it old school with these all-pink skater shoes.


Chuck Taylor All Star Platinum Midsoles

These Chucks are the trendier version of what you used to wear in your Tween years.


FILA Court Deluxe Strawberry Milk Velcro Shoes


These all-white sneakers with a touch of Millennial Pink fulfill our two current shoe obsessions that we just have to have it in our shoe closet. They’ve only been made available at FILA Korea, but we’re hoping they offer it in all stores worldwide!


Which of these are at the top of your wishlist? Tell us your thoughts below!

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