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Modern-Day Definition of Happiness

By Therese Aseoche

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Meeting a cute dog on the street, availing of an Auntie Anne’s BOGO promo, turning off your alarm for the weekend… these are only some of the things that fill us millennials with insurmountable and unexplainable joy. In this age, money, a high-earning job, and raising a family don’t matter to us as much as travel opportunities, catching up on shows over the weekend, and not breaking down from stress do.

It doesn’t take too much now to make us happy. Here are the 8 of our simple joys:

Happiness is getting a tweet viral

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Whether it’s for being #wokeAF or for being funny and relatable, we live for those 24 hours of fame and a chance to be featured in Filipino Tweets that Matter.


Happiness is a weekend beach getaway

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Nowadays, social media envy doesn’t arise from trips abroad during spring or autumn season; it comes from weekend getaways to the latest favorite beach destination, because if you haven’t been there, then you haven’t been to anywhere at all.


Happiness is receiving a lot of likes on an Instagram post

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We like our egos to be fed every once in a while. Every “heart” is an extra boost in our confidence which we kind of need so we don’t feel crappy about our menial existence.


Happiness is buying a new ballpen

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Don’t you agree that there’s an unexplainable feeling that comes with writing with a fresh pen?

Happiness is finding a CR with a bidet

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Because public toilets and bathrooms that aren’t fully equipped with a bidet should be closed down ASAP.


Happiness is being made packed lunch during petsa de peligro

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We are all just a bunch of strong, independent people who need to be spoiled by their mommies and lolas sometimes.


Happiness is not getting a breakout on special occasions

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Rigorous Korean skincare routine, don’t fail us!


Happiness is checking everything off your to-do list

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Nothing else beats the temporary feeling of productivity and fulfillment, and giving ourselves a reward for them!


Which of these do you relate to the most? Sound off below!

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