8 Things You Can Do

to Have a Modern Funeral

By Kyzia Maramara

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Funerals are solemn gatherings of people united by death, but remembering a departed loved one doesn’t always have to be sad. Just like everything around us is evolving, the funerals are also keeping up with the times. It maintains the purpose of a wake: to commemorate the life of the person who passed away and to let people pay respects but it makes the event a little bit brighter if possible. Here are 21st century twists you can do to traditional funerals.


We might be used to catering only for celebratory occasions but get used to modern funerals having buffet style catering services of their own. The usual coffee, cupcakes, and mixed nuts are still there but attendees can enjoy the benefit of a full meal.


Full digital coverage

Much like your regular event, some funerals nowadays have their own documentation team. A pair of videographers and photographers are scattered around the place camera in hand, capturing every moment. They produce same-day edit types of videos, a great new way to remember your loved one.


Programs and Special numbers

Chester Bennington performs ‘Hallelujah’ at Chris Cornell’s funeral

A wake doesn’t have to be sad; it can be a celebration of the life of the person you love. Some funerals that have been heavier planned out include programs aside from the usual services. These programs have special numbers from close friends or relatives of the departed where all the performances are centered on the favorites of your loved one. People also may share their messages or favorite poems and stories.


Well used technology

Thanks to today’s technology, everything in life is made easier – including funerals. If you are unable to attend (if you’re from abroad) some have live stream coverage for the whole day or during the service itself. Social media is also a means for people to share their thoughts, prayers, and memories of their loved one.

During the wake, you can also show a slideshow on TV screens of pictures from the first night or just a montage of pictures or videos of favorite songs.

Caskets and urns of your own style

Nike-shaped custom casket from Ghana

The days of choosing basic caskets are gone and here we are now, faced with an array of choices. From lavish caskets of gold, silver, or bronze, to customizable caskets and urns with your requested shape or design! People spend a lot on caskets and urns because if someone you love passed away, you’d want only the best, it’s the last time you get to do something for them.



Arrange a group of violinists, pianists, or vocalists to play soft and mellow songs. Most of the songs can be favorites of your loved one.


The method of burial

The traditional method of burial is to lower the casket 6 feet underground but times have been more creative since then. Nowadays there’s a choice between burial and cremation. If you choose cremation, it doesn’t really mean you keep the ashes in a jar; you can opt to scatter it in places special to your loved one’s heart. The Memorial Tree Urn combines burial and scattering and uses the cremation remains in planting a tree.  Over time you can watch the tree grow into a beautiful oak, cherry, or the other seeds they offer. There’s also Bios Incube where the urn is biodegradable and will convert your ashes into a tree afterlife.


Dress to the nines

Some funerals want their visitors to make it a point to dress to the nines while paying their respects. It’s a solemn event but it shows that they only want the best for their loved one.


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