Bicolano Words8 More Bikolano Words that Mean Totally Different Things in Tagalog

By Pi Palaganas-Orillosa

Here we go again. You’re reading this because you wanted more, so here’s another set of 8 Bikolano words to add to your list.


8 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Bata
Eng. Translation: Child, Kid

Def. Bik. Baho
Eng. Translation: foul odor; bad smell

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: May hawak na lobo ang bata.
(The child is holding a balloon.)

Bikol: Ang bata kang hangaw mo!
(Your breath smells bad!)


7 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Tabang
Eng. Translation: Bland

Def. Bik. Tulong
Eng. Translation: Help

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Ang tabang ng sabaw.
(The soup is bland.)

Bikol: Lord, tabang!
(Lord, help!)


6 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Bulong 
Eng. Translation: Whisper

Def. Bik. Gamot
Eng. Translation: Medicine; drug

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Ibulong mo lang sa kanya.
(Just whisper it to her.)

Bikol: Magbakal ka ning bulong.
(You buy medicine.)


5 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Kulog 
Eng. Translation: Thunder

Def. Bik. Sakit
Eng. Translation: Pain

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Kulog at kidlat.
(Thunder and lightning.)

Bikol: Makulog ang daghan ko.
(My chest hurts.)


4 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Payo
Eng. Translation: Advice

Def. Bik. Ulo
Eng. Translation: Head

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Pinayuhan ko sya.
(I gave him advice.)

Bikol: Makulog ang payo ko.
(My head hurts.)


3 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Gana 
Eng. Translation: Appetite

Def. Bik. Panalo
Eng. Translation: Winner!

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Nawalan ako ng gana kumain.
(I lost my appetite to eat.)

Bikol: Gana kami sa basketball!
(We won the basketball game!)


2 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Kamot
Eng. Translation: to scratch

Def. Bik. Kamay
Eng. Translation: Hand

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Kamutin mo likod ko.
(Scratch my back.)

Bikol: Pahiling kang kamot mo.
(Let me see your hand.)


1 Bicolano Words
Def. Tag. Luya
Eng. Translation: Ginger

Def. Bik. Hina
Eng. Translation: Weak

Use it in a sentence:

Tagalog: Kainin mo ang luya.
(Eat the ginger.)

Bikol: Abang luya mo man!
(You’re so weak!*insert XD smiley*)

You might bump into a Bikolano friend and tell them “Burat ka na? Abang luya mo man mag-inom!” What burat? Head over to the first list to find out.

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