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Inspired by Liza’s

Loooove for Sinigang

By Kyzia Maramara

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The beautiful Liza Soberano found her name trending once again on social media but this time it’s not because some international pop star declared he had a crush on her – it’s because she proved she’s a legit Filipino by saying she loved Sinigang.

Yes, sinigang the mouthwatering Filipino dish.

Are you confused? It started when a netizen aired his complaints on Twitter that ABS-CBN’s upcoming Fantasy TV Series Bagani, a show supposedly about Filipino Mythology, didn’t feature more Pinoy looking celebrities. The protagonists of the show featured fair-skinned actors with dominant foreign features who are half-Spanish (Enrique Gil) and half-American (Liza Soberano) when it should have featured pure-bred kayumanggi Filipinos living in pre-colonial Philippines.

Liza found it in her good heart to defend her Filipino blood:


Unfortunately, her seemingly innocent defense made matters worse. Being Filipinos, we like to inject humor into everything so it’s no wonder the internet quickly produced Sinigang Memes. The best ones being…

Have you met the new character?



Ako budoy

Posted by Proud To Be Peenoise on Monday, February 19, 2018


Liza’s character in Bagani was drafted for another name. The writer apparently liked this one better.


There’s a new Law, ICYMI

What’s that? You like Adobo better? I guess you ain’t Filipino then.


Even Ethel Booba is half… something

So if I love French fries, does that make me half French or half fries?


The ultimate test




Posted by Friendly Tagalog Memes and Rants on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Sinigang must course through a Filipino’s veins.

A tip on how to get Liza to like you

Always remember to save a bowl of sinigang for her. She isn’t liable for any arrows that may or may not pierce you if you don’t.


The Filipino Citizen Starter Pack

Preparing for a passport appointment? Don’t forget to bring a bowl of sinigang to prove your citizenship!

ILYSB so bad!

Liza sparked a new meaning to the crowd favorite Lany song!

Actual image of Liza loooooving sinigang

Uhm.. This photo made me hungry.

But did you know even Sam Smith is half Filipino?

A lot of netizens are begging for the Sinigang Memes to stop coming. I mean, it got its 15 minutes of fame already, why won’t it die down? And if you’re wondering, no, Sinigang didn’t want all of this to happen. It even told Liza pointedly so:

Very Taylor Swift

Got anymore Sinigang Memes? Kidding! Comment your thoughts down below!

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