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New Excuses

People are Probably Making

to Skip Work

By Therese Aseoche

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Internet! Money! Commute! There’s just too much we have to think about on a daily basis. How do we even stay motivated and be happy to go to work? Raise your hands if you’ve ever thought of giving, or have given, these excuses to play hooky or come in late.

Remember: This isn’t meant to throw shade at anybody. Don’t take any of this too seriously.

“What’s the point, with the current state our country is in?”

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The present is post-apocalyptic hell and we’re all going to die a tragic death anyway.


“I couldn’t get an Uber.”

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Alternatively, “My Uber was 40 minutes away and I didn’t want to get charged for cancelling.”


“The internet is too slow in the office.”

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Seriously! How can you function properly?!


“I went soul-searching at [“It” destination].”

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Sometimes, we all need to get away to find ourselves.

“My body was too sore from my gym sesh last night.”

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“I needed to finish binge watching a Netflix series.”

I just need to understand all these FBI Guy memes.


“The sweldo hasn’t arrived on a sweldo day.”

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All lunch, dinner, and shopping plans cancelledt!


“I’ve been stuck in traffic. Since yesterday.”

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Actually, this seems highly plausible. And a pretty much acceptable excuse to make.


What are the modern-day excuses people are giving to skip work, whether real or not? Share them with us below!

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