DeskercisingHow to Master the Art of Deskercising
By Shen Mascarinas

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Office hours shouldn’t equate to being a 9-to-5 couch potato. You need to move around, especially on days you’ll be over-time. If heading out to exercise isn’t an option, here are desk exercises (or deskercises) for healthier and happier days at the office.

Strange looks from your officemates are likely, but who cares?! You’ll be in such a good mood from the flow of endorphins that you won’t mind. Some (the cooler ones) might even join the fun.

With Rihanna’s Work playing in the background, get deskercising!

8. Desk Chair Swivel

7 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 3/8
Embarrassment Level: 1/8

Keep your back straight with your feet hovering off the floor. Hold your desk, contract your core, and swivel your chair left and right. Do as much twists as you can before getting dizzy.

And for the shy ones: Your officemates will think you’re just a bubbly peach, excitedly working away.

7. Get a (Leg) Raise

8 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 2/8
Embarrassment Level: 3/8

You can only use the excuse “I’m just stretching” for a few times. After that, when you’re already sweating, your officemates might think you’re practicing a pretty odd dance routine.

6. Laptop Bicep Curl

6 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 4/8
Embarrassment Level: 3/8

Who needs weights when you have an ancient, massive laptop? While holding your laptop—extend your arm straight down, and then bring it close to your shoulder. Repeat for as many times you can. Keep your core contracted as you do the exercise.

Your coworkers might think you’ve given up on your laptop and about to smash it to the floor out of frustration. They’ll try to stop you, which is your cue to explain you’re just working out.

5. Pushups

5 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 6/8
Embarrassment Level: 7/8

How embarrassing you’ll look while doing this really depends on your form. Make sure you practice before doing this at the office, so you don’t look like you’re humping air. You wouldn’t want your boss seeing you doing that now, would ya?

4. Figure Four Stretch

4 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 3/8
Embarrassment Level: 5/8

Put one of your legs on the table with your knee bended. Slowly bend over your leg while keeping your spine long. Hold the pose for a few seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat until you feel more relaxed.

Seeing an officemate in this position is a very, very peculiar sight. So give your officemates a break if they judge you for a bit.

3. Chair Squats

3 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 4/8
Embarrassment Level: 5/8

You officemates probably won’t notice your first few squats. It’ll look like you’re just looking for something or someone. But when you’re repeatedly popping out of your cubicle for more than five times, they’re bound to wonder what the hell is up.

2. Bent-Over Leg Extensions

2 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 8/8
Embarrassment Level: 8/8

Here’s a hardcore move that’s sure to surprise (to say the least), but its benefits for your body are awesome. Rest your torso on a tabletop while your feet are on the floor. Hold the sides of the table, and then lift your legs as high as you can without arching your back. As you do so, keep your torso pressed on the table and squeeze your glutes. Repeat at least 10 times.

1. Chair Dips

1 Deskercising

Difficulty Level: 6/8
Embarrassment Level: 5/8

When you look like that fine man, virtually nothing you do will ever be embarrassing. But when you’re like the rest of us (normal-looking-lot), it requires a lot of effort not to look awkward or constipated (hay, life). Don’t worry; the longer you practice—the better you’ll look!

Get a stable chair. Position yourself seated in front of it with your legs extended and your back near the edge. Grip the edge and prop yourself upwards while keeping your feet on the floor. Keep your core contracted and your toes facing upwards. Repeat at least 15 times.

Keri? Kayang-kaya yan! Got other favorite deskercises? Sound off below!

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