Passed the UPCAT?

Here are 8 Tips

to Ease Your Transition

By Naveen Ganglani

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The 2018 UPCAT results were released a little over a week ago, and, without a doubt, most of the reactions from those who took the test were either of the two extremes: really ecstatic for those who passed, or disappointment for those who didn’t make it.

Before we get into the reason for this article, let me just say that just because you didn’t pass the UPCAT, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Regardless of the school you go to, how successful you turn out depends entirely on you. You make your future, not your school.

With that said, we asked tips and pointers from a pair of UP students to give to the upcoming batch of freshmen this year. Who knows, maybe one or two of the items on this list will make the transition easier:

8. Extending your network

“UP is the place to expand your circle,” according to Camilla Suarez, a BS Industrial Engineering student, “because everyone comes from all walks of life.”

The best way to do that? “Join your home org, but also join other orgs that may interest you. Become friends with your blockmates, but also get to know people from your General Electives.”


7. Overcome your fears

“Don’t be afraid to try out things you were too afraid to try,” said Nina Alvia, a former courtside reporter for UP in the UAAP and a Bachelor of Sports Science major.

According to Nina, she tried out for being a CSR at 17 even if the age requirement was to be at least 18. And she made it.


6. Drive where you’re supposed to

Don’t do it on the joggers’ or bikers’ lane, advised Camilla.


“Everyone will hate you.”


5. Being a freshman has its perks

“Take advantage of your freshman priority,” said Camilla. “Enlist in GEs that are difficult to get or are in high demand, even if they may deviate from your course’s curriculum path.”

Doing so may just prove to be beneficial.

4. There are ways to ensure you get the professors you need

How? Well, RUPP (Rate UP Professors) can be your best friend.

Another key help? Go to the Facebook page UP Dilliman Profs to Pick (Official).


3. Into sports? Track and Field could be a great option

“There are no try-outs if you’re already a UP student, FYI lang. Haha,” claimed Nina. Everyone knows athletics is a good extra-curricular on your resume. So might as well do it, no? Heck, it will even be good for your health.



“Definitely eat at Rodic’s,” said Camilla, talking about one of UP’s most consistent staples.

Arki-Siomai is also a must-have, according to her, while Nina confidently claimed that UP’s isaw is the best.

Oh, and here’s another interesting one: get Pandan Tea, said Camilla. It’s known popularly as “PanTea,” but “don’t laugh when you order.”


1. This statement. Don’t ever forget it.

Said Camilla: “UP upholds the tradition of Honor and Excellence, but when it all comes down to it, it’s always Honor Before Excellence.”


Got any more tips? Tell us below!

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