People We Hate at Fastfood Joints

By Enzo Marcos

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I like food. Sometimes, I need it fast. When those situations arise, I head on over to the nearest fastfood joint and I get my grub on. Unfortunately, there are some people that make this task unbearable. They turn a generally enoyable endeavor into a cringe fest. Here is a list of those culprits.

8. The Line Switcher


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You step into your favorite fastfood spot and the lines are long. It happens. There’s always that one guy that jumps from line to line in an attempt to get to the cashier faster than everyone else. One switch is completely understandable. There are times that one line takes longer than the others due to some of the people on this list. But switching back and forth multiple times? Come on now. Stick to one line.  It gets extra annoying if he actually succeeds and gets to the cashier before you.


7. Messy Bessy


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We live in a country that doesn’t not believe in self-bussing. It just doesn’t happen here. But that does not give you license to leave Smoky Mountain on a table. You see those ketchup marks on the table? Clean that up. If not for yourself, then do it for the people that are going to use the table next. Be considerate. Let other people enjoy their fastfood without having to worry about sitting on an uneaten pickle.


6. Dona/Senorito


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Mamser, you are in a fastfood joint with a Clown/Bee mascot up front. You aren’t in some Michelin star-rated restaurant with a waiter/maitre d at your beck and call. Please turn down the entitlement a few notches and get your own damn water. Or, you know, tell your yaya to get up and get it for you.


5. Designated Orderer


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This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I go eat fastfood. You 2 lines. One with 2 people and the other with 5. So you naturally line up behind the 2 people. Only to be met with the startling revelation that one of the people in front of you is a Designated Orderer. Yeah, the one designated to order for his/her entire family/barkada/barangay.

This, in turn, makes you become a line switcher. You become the very thing that you hate. It’s a nasty chain that is sometimes unavoidable. Ah, fastfood. Why must you breed such annoying customers?

4. The LONER


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So you ordered your burger with an extra patty, your large fries and extra large softdrink. You turn around to enjoy your sumptuous meal only to find that the whole place is packed. No vacant tables. You take your tray to hunt down a spot to sit and you come across ONE person taking up a table for FOUR.

Instead of sharing the table, he looks up at you and gives you a curt smile and goes back to stuffing his face. Jerk. Sharing is caring.


3. Wet Hands


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Comfort rooms are sort of a misnomer in fastfood joints as there is nothing comforting about them. With the high volume of people that come in and out, most are left filthy. Now, there are a number of annoying things that people can do to ruin your “comfort” room experience, but the most annoying is when someone uses his wet hands to open a door.

You wash your hands, dry those hands and reach for the door to find the handle is dripping wet. Which leaves you hoping that its h2o and not…something else.  You then are left with a choice: Do I wash my hands again or do I give previous door opener the benefit of the doubt?

Hand sanitizer is handy.


2. The McArthur


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You endured the line switchers and the designated orderers and it’s finally your turn to get your hands on some cheesy, greasy, goodness. The customer in front of you turns to find a table and you step up to the cashier. Just as you’re about to order, McArthur returns and wants to add some dessert to his nutritional meal. Hey, Doug, You left. It’s my turn now. You wanna get a brownie, line up behind us.


1. Undecided



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So, as we have established, there are times that the lines are extremely long.  Everyone wants their fastfood fix. Sometimes, we have to wait in line for 15 mins or more. More than enough time to decide on what you want to chow down on. But there is always that one person that didn’t take the waiting time to decide. He steps up to order and asks the cashier about every frickn item on the menu. Really?


Can you think of any other types of people we hate at fastfood joints? Tell us about them below!

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