Shuttle’s Best
The 8 People You Meet on Your Daily Ride

By Beatriz Tan Saldua

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They are just some of the shuttles’ best.

8. The radio jock


A.K.A. Your driver. You don’t need to listen to a morning radio show to be entertained. Your driver is your own Chico Garcia, Gino and Delamar are the other drivers active on their radio. They’re even more entertaining, with those radio codes. Oscar Kilo? Oscar Kilo.


7. The feeling close


Two kinds: one talks to you as if you’re high school friends and the other, sleeps on your shoulder. Close ba tayo bes!?


6. The teacher’s pet


She’s the darling of the drivers and the dispatchers. Always gets the front seat. She has Kuya’s number and he reserves her a spot, most of the time, she doesn’t even have to line up.


5. The liar


Van enters the Skyway. A phone rings. He answers. “Boss, pa-Magallanes na, kaso lang ang traffic talaga!”

4. The (hot) flash


The init na init. Ang taga-angkin ng aircon. The selfish. ‘Wag tularan.


3. The man who can’t be moved


Via Giphy

Also known as the manhid. The ayaw makiramdam. He just finds his awesome spot. No matter how uncomfortable you are and how cramped you and your other seatmates are, he will not move. He is inconsiderate. ‘Wag tularan.


2. The V.O.


The loudspeaker. Teh, ene beh! You’re not the only one in this van. We don’t need to hear your chikahan with your bes, ang aga pa please.


1. The B.O.


The absolute worst. Let’s not even.


What kinds of people do you encounter on the shuttle?

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  1. You forgot the person na ang lakas makinig ng music sa earbuds niya, tapos dinig mo na yung kanta.

    Yes, daming “teacher’s pet” na riders! Basta sexy at may kulay buhok, hahaha. Tapos yung mga “singit” na pasahero.

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