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Sure, we might crave for a bowl of ramen or a box of pizza from time to time. But, undoubtedly, Filipino food will always hold a special place in our hearts. No matter how much we love or how often we indulge in other cuisines, these perfect combos will remain instilled in us: Sinigang and rain, halo-halo and summer, tapsilog and breakfast, and the list of Pinoy pairings goes on.

This appreciation for Filipino food goes beyond Philippine borders. Foodies from around the globe are getting introduced to Filipino cuisine through these proudly-Pinoy restaurants. And the buzz about these hotspots are almost deafening—just a tad louder than their diners’ happy bellies.


8. New York: Jeepney Filipino Gastropub




201 1st Avenue, b/t 13th Street and 12th Street, East Village, New York City
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Jeepney is one of the precursors of the Filipino-food-craze in New York. They introduced classic Bicol Express and Boracay’s famous Choriburger to New Yorkers. And they’ve gained loyal customers ever since. Other best-sellers are their Sinigang na Baboy and Bone Marrow.

Aside from scrumptious Filipino fare, Jeepney provides the Pinoy experience. Brave souls who order Balut get the servers’ support (literally through a shoutout). Diners can also try a kamayan feast where they have to ditch utensils.


7. Canada: Casa Manila Restaurant



879 York Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Casa Manila transports Canadians to the tropics with their décor, hospitality and of course: food. They offer a wide selection of classic Filipino dishes with Adobo, Kare-kare and Kaldereta as their signature recipes. Casa Manila also caters, giving locals a peek at just how fun and food-filled Pinoy fiestas are.


6. Sydney: La Mesa




Level 1, 19 Goulburn Street, Chinatown, Sydney
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La Mesa boasts of providing Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart with an authentic experience of home. That translates from their homey, traditional interiors to their classic, heartwarming dishes. La Mesa’s impressive reputation was built through word-of-mouth, making their loyal following more genuine.

If you find yourself in Australia’s part of the world (and missing Pinoy grub), get your fill of Bistek, Crispy Pasta, Kare-kare and various other comfort food from La Mesa.


5. California: Belly & Snout




974 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California
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Belly & Snout has been featured in a number of best-restaurant-roundups in LA. That’s not at all surprising with their modern and youthful take on Filipino fare. Their short and well-curated menu changes all the time, leaving customers constantly on their toes for new, delicious things. Just a sample of their unique dishes are the Lumpia served with Sinigang Sweet & Sour sauce, Longanisa Grilled Cheese and Sisig Hot Dog.

4. California: LASA @ Unit 120




727 N Broadway #120, Los Angeles, California
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LASA started out as an excellent pop-up concept, which always left foodies wanting more. They’ve found a permanent spot, and bellies craving for Filipino-American food couldn’t be happier. LASA continues to be inspired by Philippine cuisine—lovingly made by two Filipino brothers—and influenced by the seasonality of local farmer markets.

Here are some must-try dishes: Pancit with Bagoong XO sauce, Crispy Duck Arroz Caldo and Pear Ginataan with Coconut Milk and Pandan Syrup.


3. Washington DC: Bad Saint




3226 11th Street NW, Washington DC
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This tiny, modern Filipino restaurant is causing quite a stir in the United States capital. Not accepting reservations and only accommodating 24—the Bad Saint is where every foodie wants to be. Unfortunately (or more interestingly), getting in is a challenge. According to the lucky ones that get to try the Bad Saint adventure, the Filipino dishes here are unexpected, bold and packed with flavor.


2. Texas: Qui




1600 E 6th Street, East Austin, Texas
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The chef and owner of Qui spent his childhood in Manila and grew up to win Top Chef and GQ’s Best Restaurant of 2014. If you happen to be in Austin, Texas, no visit is complete without sampling this Asian Fusion restaurant. While their tasting menus aren’t solely Filipino, you’ll definitely see (or taste) the Pinoy touches.

There are times, however, when Qui goes Pinoy all the way. And that’s a delicious ride you can’t miss.


1. New York: Manila Social Club



2 Hope Street, Brooklyn, New York
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If Manila Social Club rings a bell, that’s because their extraordinary dishes have broken social media a number of times already. Remember INSIDER Food’s feature on their Ube Doughnuts? This casual fine dining restaurant renders an inventive yet nostalgic take on Filipino cuisine.

Come to Manila Social Club for lovely brunch. How do Mango Souffle Pancakes and Spam Fries sound? You can look forward to a superb dinner as well. Try the Short Rib Kare, Lamb Kaldereta and Pancit Pranses.


How about in your part of the world? Any other Filipino restaurants creating buzz? Sound off below!

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