8 Reasons Why Relationships Don’t Work

By 8List

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Relationships are tricky especially because as human beings, we tend to complicate a lot of things. Every kind of relationship comes with its own brand of trouble, whether it’s doing something your partner doesn’t like or realizing that you’re only in the relationship because you’re used to it and you’d be out of your comfort zone without it.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re forced to compromise and you just can’t leave because you’re all too familiar with the set up? It sounds like you’re settling with somebody who might not even be worth all of it.

So the question is, how do you know if you’re just settling for a relationship? How do you know when to get out? Simple. By avoiding and knowing these 8 signs:

1. When he spends too much time being a slave to gadgets

When you’re on a date or maybe just hanging out yet one of you pay more attention to their phone than on the other, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong or, to put it plainly, they’re not interested in the relationship anymore. Don’t settle for a person who doesn’t give you the kind of attention you need!


2. Partner is guarding every move you make

Who wants to be kept under constant scrutiny often under lock and key? Your every move is watched, and he labels every guy you talk to as a threat. We get that he thinks he’s doing it because he loves you but the definition of being ‘selfish’ proves his intentions otherwise. And this works vice versa, too.


3. He’s digging up past mistakes to keep score

Couples usually fall into this mistake under the impression that they’re doing it because they’re driven by love. If you justify something you are about to do or just did by digging up your partner’s history of mistakes and using it against them, then you deserve a medal for holding grudges! Love doesn’t keep tabs, remember that.


4. When you’re being eaten alive by doubt

Nobody likes a person who won’t believe whatever you tell them. For doubters, there’s always an explanation and an ulterior motive for every action their partner makes. But if you love someone you would believe them and give them the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise.  If their initial reaction to everything you say and do is to doubt, then maybe you need to re-evaluate the relationship.


5. When you start complaining to your friends about your partner

It’s never okay to air your dirty laundry or to complain excessively but what’s even worse is complaining about your partner and how miserable you are with them. You’re keeping all the anger to yourself because chances are you don’t even want to talk about it with the person involved, and what does that tell you? You lack proper communication.


6. When you keep secrets from each other

No matter how hard it would hurt or upset the other person, telling the truth will always be the right path to take. Come on, how many movies have you seen where they kept secrets from each other and ended up destroying the relationship? Communication will always be the key to a healthy relationship.


7. When you’re expecting your partner to be perfect in every way or vice versa

No person will ever be perfect. He may look perfect but underneath those dazzling eyes and heart melting smile, there’s still something you’ll find you won’t quite like. But that’s no excuse to go all ‘My friend’s boyfriend always picks her up after work, why can’t you?’ or ‘My dad never forgets to buy my mom flowers every anniversary and yet here you are forgetting it’s our anniversary!’ or even worse ‘My ex is better than you.”

Girl, he’s an imperfect human being. Don’t make him into a mix of everything you’d want your dream guy to be.


8. When you’re just settling with the relationship because it’s familiar

Comfort zones, there’s a reason we call them that. They’re very comfortable when we stay in that area but they’re also fences that keep us from experiencing things that we might discover we quite prefer better. All the years won’t go to waste if you get out of that relationship, on the contrary, if you settle, you might find that you’re robbed of your happiness in the future.

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