Reboots and Revivals:

8 Toys From Our Childhood

Making a Comeback

By Therese Aseoche

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From virtual pets to family game night staples, our childhood games are slowly making a comeback — partly to ride on the growing hype for modernized versions of 80s and 90s things, and partly to delight the child within ourselves who have missed playing with these old toys.

Which among these are you willing to spend your savings on this year?


This once-creepy alien bird creature hit the markets again back in 2012, and again with more colors in 2016, with a tweaked look and an all-new feature. Dubbed Furby Connect, the toy is a much smarter and more modernized revival, operated by an app and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can play with Furby Connect by playing with the mobile app where you can do assorted things like fling food to their mouths, let them poop inside a virtual toilet, or play songs for it to dance and sing along to. It’s also much easier to make it shut up now, which is by putting an eye mask over it that puts it on mute and hibernate mode.

Thank goodness kids these days won’t have to suffer the horror of old Furby’s creepiness!



We’ve all dreamed of owning one back in the day. But when we did own one, we quickly realized that we were really bad parents…

However, we can finally atone for the sins we’ve made to our first ever Tamagotchi pet (rest in peace) by doing it right this time around. Due to persistent calls to resurrect the toy, Bandai America decided to release limited mini Tamagotchi devices for its 20th Anniversary and, shortly after, bring back six exclusive colors from the 90s US launch. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this retro digipet?


Polly Pocket

Girls will fondly recall this must-have toy with mansions and sea shell houses that were honestly much better and more fun than any Barbie dream house. Which is why we were thrilled to hear that Polly Pocket was returning to the market, although with a much different look. Still, you can almost hear millennial moms yelling “Take my money!” as they buy them for themselves — err, their daughters.



Via Mirror

We’re no stranger to the thousands of variations made with this classic game, but the newest Cheater’s Edition has piqued our interest. It still follows the same mechanic — earning the most money by buying properties and placing buildings — but with an added set of cards that require a bit of conniving and thievery.

These Cheaters Cards will allow you to grab extra money when you pass Go and remove houses from other players’ properties, for example, but you’ll have to do so without getting noticed. If you get caught in the act, you’ll automatically land in jail where you’ll have to wear real handcuffs that also come with the game.

This edition will hone your devious skills and provide a fun game night with friends where your friendship will be put to the test.

Nintendo NES Classic

Remember this retro video game console? Avid gamers since childhood wouldn’t have passed up on the opportunity to get their hands on the Nintendo NES Classic since its release in late 2017. The plug-and-play console and its library of retro games fill us with nostalgia that we can’t help but treasure it despite its glitches.


Blindfolded Twister

Who knew this family game night classic can get even more fun? Blindfolded Twister makes its players put on blindfolds and feel their way to the right spot — truly a unique twist to the game. You’ll get a lot of funny videos out of it, too!


Original My Little Pony

Remember how the original My Little Pony used to look like? They may not look as cute and pretty as the new reboots but they were the OG My Little Pony that 90s kids will choose over the new ones any day! Hasbro decided to bring the classic characters Minty, Blue Bell, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, and Cotton Candy back in time for the toy’s 35th Anniversary, complete with a comb and a ribbon for the ponies’ grooming needs — just like before!



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Jenga is already challenging as it is, but Hasbro decided to add a bit more thrill to the game with Jenga Pass, a version of Jenga that’s played without the stability of a table. With Jenga Pass, you’ll have to hold onto a platform where the Jenga blocks are stacked with one hand while you play the game with the other. After which, you’ll have to carefully pass the platform to the next player. You’ll have to do all these without toppling the Jenga tower of course!


Which of these was your ultimate favorite back then? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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