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By Kyzia Maramara

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Before technology blew our heads off with different generations of iPhones and the news announcing they’re inventing a flying taxi, there were these items. Before the instant photos and Spotify playlists you can easily ‘link’ to your friends, there were these items.  Kids these days won’t know the simple joys in life we had. Let’s take a walk down memory lane!

Cassettes and VHS

Ah the beauty of mixtapes kids will never understand. Nowadays it’s replaced by Spotify and illegal downloading. Remember rewinding cassettes after the whole playlist is over so you can listen to it again? It was a struggle but so was rewinding the VCR after a movie! And if the tape gets all screwed up, you have to say goodbye to the movie.


Floppy disc


These are not the 3D printed versions of the save icons on your computer, kids! And you’ll never know the simple pleasure of sliding the metal part.



Before MP3s wiped it out teenagers would walk the streets with their Walkman in hand. Of course they also had to take with them multiple CDs of their favorite albums but it was all worth the sacrifice.


CD book


You kids will never understand how it feels to flip repeatedly through the sleeves of a CD book and get frustrated because you can’t find your Blink-182 CD.

Developing a roll of film

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The thrill of dropping off a roll of film in your local store and waiting for it to be developed only to find out that more than half of the photos aren’t decent looking.



Before the pages were used as wrappers for tinapa, phonebooks were actually used to appreciate the art of looking for your friend’s phone number, squinting at the small text. Phonebooks had advantages too, like having the number of your school crush! Erm, that might be too stalkish.


OHP Projectors

Remember lugging around the huge white box in every room for a class? How about the transparent acetate you use to project the lessons? All kids these days know are power points and small projectors.


Rotary phone

It could take seconds to dial your friend’s number because you had to wait until the dial went back to its original position.  Now kids would only press the green call button on their phone and it would do the job for them.

Are we getting lazier as a human race, or is the advance in technology just what we need?


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