Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men

By Therese Aseoche

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Even guys want to show off their ripped bod on Halloween too. From the smoking hot to the downright scandalous, here are 8 of our recommended sexy Halloween costumes for men!

Sexy Pikachu

You’d definitely light up the party.



Easiest costume to make — just wear a loincloth! And if anyone asks you if you can speak gorilla, tell them you can…in bed.


Old Spice Guy

You’ll get plus pogi points for the hilarious reference.


Sexy Pumpkin Patch

All eyes will be on you, trust us.

John Wick

People will definitely be asking for Wick pics, if you know what I mean.



For gaming geeks who’d like to hook up with someone with similar interests and knows her Street Fighters.


Sexy Pennywise

People won’t know whether to be scared by you, or be strangely turned on by you.


Sexy Jon Snow

Probably the most redundant phrase there is. You don’t even need to show skin. Once you pull this costume off, everyone will be fawning over the sexy beast that you are.


What will be your costume this Halloween? Share them with us below!

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