HEATSTROKE_HEADER8 Signs You’re About to
Die of Heat Stroke


The record temperature highs this week have left a lot of us flocking to the malls to enjoy the free aircon, but dealing with this sweltering summer sun is unavoidable. We do, after all, have to go live our lives and not let this heat ruin our season.

While you’re out braving this weather with your game face on, here are a few signs for heatstroke that you should watch out for.


8. Headache hassle


If you spend most of the day sitting down, are on the heavy side or have a chronic illness, your tendency towards heatstroke is higher than everyone else’s.

Quick fix: Take a cold shower to quickly lower your temperature and relieve some of the stress on your head. If a shower isn’t an option, especially in the middle of a school or work day, bring around a spritzer of water and wet wipes to keep your temperature down. That, or hang out with a fan directed at you.


7. Sobrang init, abot langit.


We’re talking 104 F (40 C) or higher here. If your temperature is hitting these numbers or is climbing close to it, chances are you’re already suffering heatstroke.

Get your body temp down as quickly as possible by applying ice packs to the warmest parts of your body: your head, neck, armpits and groin. Also, give yourself time to acclimate if you’re going from somewhere cold to warm—don’t leave a frigid air-conditioned room to the sweltering heat of noontime.


6. Pawis Khalifa


This is common sense. Heat equals profuse, almost obscene amounts of sweat. The thing to note here is that if you’re suffering heatstroke brought on by hellish weather, your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch, whereas heatstroke brought on by exercise will leave your skin feeling moist.

Physical activity may be unavoidable, especially during the summer months, so replenish all the fluids you’re losing from your body’s built-in cooling system and rehydrate.

Fun fact: you also lose salt through your sweat, so splurge a little on the sports drinks. As much as possible, stay away from alcoholic drinks and anything sugary; these interfere with your ability to control your temperature.


5. Nausea and vomiting


If you suddenly feel the need to heave despite not ingesting anything that may have made you sick, you might be suffering from heatstroke.

If you can help it, stay away from certain medications (like diuretics, antidepressants, ADHD meds and vasoconstrictors) as these affect the way your body deals with your rising temperature.

4. Sunburn


You might find that having your largest organ burnt to a crisp reduces your ability to stay cool, so don’t forget to lather on some broad spectrum SPF and reapply every two hours.

Also, this is summer—shed the extra layers and save them for the cooler months. Opt for loose, lightweight clothing and start a love affair with hats and sunglasses.


3. Shortness of breath


In a tropical country like ours, the humidity can sometimes feel like a blanket choking you. If you start to feel your breath catch or have difficulty taking a deep one, get yourself to an air-conditioned room asap. Standing in front of a fan (or three) may make you feel better, but ducking into an air-conditioned environment is the fastest way to get your temperature back down.

The up side? It’s the perfect excuse to go watch movies this summer.


2. Tibok ng puso


If your heart rate has increased, be very wary of the repercussions. This means that the heat is causing too much stress on your body—forcing your heart to work harder to keep you cool.

Take it easy—whatever you’re doing isn’t worth putting your health at risk. Avoid moving around during the hottest times of the day. Remember: suffering a heatstroke once makes you more susceptible to them in the future.


1. Crazy behavior


Heatstroke can leave even the best of us confused, angry and slurring. In the worst cases, heatstroke has caused comas, delirium, even seizures in its victims. If you aren’t careful, heatstroke can cause organ damage, causing your vital organs to swell due to the body’s inability to lower its temperature. If you don’t find a way to cool off and fast, it could even be fatal.

Sobrang init abot singit—so stay in shady places and stay hydrated, guys!


How are you keeping cool in this sweltering heat? Chill out with us in the comments below!

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